Hand Tool Preservation
Association of Australia Inc

RHSV Drill Hall

The HTPAA Library is housed in the premises of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV) at the Drill Hall, 239 A’Becket Street, Melbourne. (It is NOT part of the RHSV’s library.)

The library contains about 2,000 books, original and photocopies of tool manufacturers’ and retailers’ catalogues, auction house catalogues of tool sales, journals relating to tools and trades history and video presentations in VHS and DVD formats.

Most of the books are catalogued. The other material is not yet catalogued.

The book catalogue is available via eHive and it can be searched online here at eHive (opens in new browser window).

NOTE: To avoid linking beyond the HTPAA search function, DO NOT click on any of the links in the eHive banner or footer, only use the search functions.

Physical access to the HTPAA library is limited. You cannot simply go to the RHSV reception and gain entry to the HTPAA library. All visits to the library must be arranged with the Librarian by making an appointment (by e-mail to ) or following the schedule of access times published in The Sharp Edge.

Except for some reference-only volumes, catalogued books are available for loan to financial HTPAA members. The Librarian arranges and records all loans. Books for loan can be acquired and returned by attending the library, or at regular member meetings.

Uncatalogued materials are not available for loan.