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David Kimberley and D Kimberley & Sons are listed in Goodman* at various addresses in Birmingham from 1854 to 1906. In 1908 they were taken over by Wynn & Timmins & Co, but continued into the 1920's, later to become the Highgate Tool Co.

After 1934, the business continued as "Tools & Instruments Ltd".

The Kimberley name can be found on quality planes and a range of other tools. Items seen to date include:

  • Hammer & Tool Pad with 12 bits
  • Combination Tool
  • Dividers - 2 styles
  • Pincers No 5
  • Backsaw
  • Chisels - assorted
  • Heavy Gouge
  • Wire Gauge
  • Centre Bits
  • Pein Hammer and Strap Hammer

Considering the relative rarity of Kimberley tools, it is amazing to see just how many have made their way to Australia (with one exception).


*W L Goodman - British Planemakers from 1700, 3rd Ed, revised by Jane & Mark Rees -1993

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