Hand Tool Preservation
Association of Australia Inc
TOOL CHEST- February 1989 to November 2000

The Tool Chest ~ a thirty-two page journal published and distributed by mail four times a year to members. The Tool Chest includes original articles on aspects of tool collecting and maintenance, with particular emphasis on research into Australian tools. Also reviews of relevant publications, details of interesting finds by members, ongoing debates about tools and their use.

The Contents are split into 2 pages. Articles in each isssue of The Tool Chest are either listed below or articles from issues 59-current can be found here. Alternatively you can simply click on a number to jump to the Table of Contents for that issue.

TOOLCHEST # 58 - November 2000

Some Notes on Window Making Roy Fuller
A Personal Perspective Jim Donaldson
Some Notes on Rules, and Some Rules of Note Frank Ham
Engineering in History - Kirby, Withington, Darling & Kilgour Book Review
Have Hand Tools Had Their Day? - Letters John Bates
Hand Leather Craft - Based on a talk by Hans Unger Doug McIver
Shipwright's Adze? - Letters F. Murrell & D. Stevenson
Early Australian Toolmakers John D McDonald
Hand-saw Makers of North Americaby Erwin L. Schaffer Book Review
A Robert Prenzel Carving Sold Doug McIver
Flag Baskets and Carpet Bags Ken Turner
What Does a Gympie Hammer Look Like ? Ken Turner

TOOLCHEST # 57 - August 2000

My Silcock Patent Combination Plane Gordon Chenery
A Personal Perspective Jim Donaldson
Tracking Bailey Tool Co. Spokeshaves Tom Lamond
The Axe and Man by Charles A. Heavrin Book Review
The Finch Foundry, Sticklepath, Devon, England Judith Lawrence
Letter from Mike Hendrikson, OAM, Wheelwright  
The Tools of Intellectual Property Mark Wakeham
Robert Prenzel and Woodcarving at Glenormiston Doug McIver
A Whatsit from the West Des Miller
Billhead - Eyres Brothers of Ballarat  
Disposal of a Collection Doug McIver
Mystery Item No Longer Jim Wilson
Shipwright's Adze? Bob Wallis
References for the Articles on Coachmaking Jim Badger
What's an Old Saw Worth? Ken Turner

TOOLCHEST # 56 - May 2000

Classic Sheep Shearing Handpieces Jim Donaldson
Have Handtools Had Their Day? Pub. Committee
HTPAA Tool Conference 2000 Frank Ham
Fencing and Wire Strainers Lyle Ruddell
More on Mast Gauges Rick Mitchell
Problems and Progress while Collecting Wooden Handscrews Milton Boyd
Cake Decorating Rule David James
Making an English Coach Jim Badger

TOOLCHEST # 55 - February 2000

Tools for Bush Furniture Alan West
The HTPAA from 2000 on Editor
Spills & Spill Planes Frank Ham
Wrenches Ian McIntosh
Spanners and the Lithgow Small Arms Museum Desmond Miller
Update on Australian Makers Rod Thomas
Refine Your Collection Alvin Sellens
Restoring Antique Tools by Herbert P Kean Book Review
Bevels & Tapers Watson Cutter
Dry Stone Walls Doug McIver
The Melbourne Chair Company Trevor Rowe

TOOLCHEST # 54 - November 1999

A History of Coach Building in Australia Jim Badger
HTPAA - 16 Years Old Editorial
The Other Baileys Frank Ham
Manufactured & Patented Spokeshaves & Similar Tools by Thomas C Lamond Book Review
Dating Moulding Planes Editor
Titan Wood Chisels Rod Thomas
Ringers, Hogs and Shoats Kenneth E. Turner
More Makers of American Machinist's Tools by Kenneth L Cope Book Review
Craftsmanship and Discrimination Kenneth E. Turner
Mr Disston's View of Saw Nibs Editor
Wooden & Metal Spokeshaves - 4 page insert Thomas C Lamond  

TOOLCHEST # 53 - August 1999

Scales and Balances Laurie Lewis
Judging the worth of a Tool Editorial
Why is is Antique Watson Cutter
English Shepherd's Crook in Australia - Part 2 Ken Turner
Patternmaking Today - A Visit to a Modern Pattern Maker's Shop W Cutter & D McIver
Knifemaking in Sheffield & the Hawley Collection by R Grayson & K Hawley Editor
More on the Slater's Rest Bill Strid
Metal Equipment Manufacturers P/L (MEM) Nigel Lampert
Australian Axes - AUSAXE - Maker - Dave Shaw George Radion & Dave Shaw
Six Tools in One - The Stewart Handyworker Watson Cutter

TOOLCHEST # 52 - May 1999

Coopering and other Skills George Smithwick
Editorial - Four Years of the Publications Committee Editor
Chinese woodworking Tools in Victoria Kevin Chamberlain
A Patternmaker's Vice T Roger
The Handplane Book by Garrett Hack Book review
Barker Brothers - Cutlers, Melbourne Editor
English Shepherd's Crook in Australia - Part 1 Ken Turner
Travel, Tools and the Lynn Historical Trust Roy Fuller
Screwdriver of Turnscrew Frank Ham
So, you think you have Spotted a Tool Collector Laurie Lewis

TOOLCHEST # 51 - February 1999

Chinese Cabinetmakers in Australia Kevin Chamberlain
A Chinese Cabinetmakers in Melbourne Frank Ham
Editorial Editor
History of Surgical Instruments Frank Ham
Through much Tribulation: Stewart Priers and the Planemakers of Ayr by Nigel Lampert Book review
A very Unusual hammer Laurie lewis
The Duyfken Replica Jim Black
World Competition to Ascertain the Best Saw and Axe Val Quanchi
Metal Equipment Manufacturers P/L (MEM) Rod Thomas
More Makers of American Machinist's Tools by Kenneth L Cope Book review

TOOLCHEST # 50 - November 1998

Editorial Comment Publications Committee
Development of Sheep Shearing Machines in Australia James Donaldson
Craftsmens Wage Rates in 1096 no attributes
Nothing New under the Sun Janet Kidd
The Term of a Patent no attributes
Rules - Their History & Collection Frank Ham
A Scotsman, His Tools and Their History Jim Black
Jas. McLaren - Australian Planemaker Rod Thomas
Practical Blacksmithing Vols 1 - 4 by M T Richardson Book review
Saw & Bag of Nails Kenneth Turner

TOOLCHEST # 49- August 1998

The Rise & fall of the Western Saw - talk by George Ingham Editor
Marking Gauges - a means of Achieving Woodworking Precision Watson Cutter
Repousse - What is it? Watson Cutter
A Price Guide to Antique Tools 2nd Ed by Herbert P Kean Book review
Making Musical Instruments - talk by John C Dale Editor
West Australian Whatsit? Editor
Spot the Tool Collector or How to Recognise one in a Crowd Watson Cutter
The Humble Tool Bass, the Tote & the Toat Kenneth Turner
More about Bast Doug McIver
What is New Today in 1889 Editor
S & O Handee Products - Pressed Steel Block Plane (& H C Vaughan) Rod Thomas

TOOLCHEST # 48- May 1998

The HTPAA Tool Conference Frank Ham
The Way of the Carpenter, Tools and Japanese Architecture talk by Proff Coaldrake Editor
The Mathieson Mystery talk by John McDonald Editor
Australian Planemakers 2nd Editionby Trevor Semmens Book review
The Agricultural Adze Alan West
Christopher Gabriel and the Tool Trade in 18th Century London by Jane & Mark Rees Editor
Carter Update - 1998 Rod Thomas (& others)
The Steel Company of Australia (SCOA) - Steel Founders L Burchell & W Cutter
Tools of the Trade: The Art and Craft of Carpentry by Jeff Taylor Book review
Mystery Plane - (looks like a corrugated cement sheet cutter) Editor
S & O Handee Products - Pressed Steel Block Plane (& H C Vaughan) Rod Thomas

TOOLCHEST # 47- February 1998

The Stanley Catalogue Collection Vol 2 Book review
Missing Tools Michael Potter
The Slaters' Rest and a Dog Kenneth Turner
Tailors Measures, Rules and Squares Frank Ham
Patternmaking Doug McIver
Corebox Planes Editor
Dictionary of Woodworking Tools by R A Salaman Book review
W H Blakeley & Co - 1922 Advertising reproduced Editor
Drawknives - Bevel Up or Bevel Down? Doug McIver
If Some Tools Could Only talk John Daniel
Mathieson Mystery Colin McPharlin
T & M Woolley, Sydney - Planemaker or Merchant Editor

TOOLCHEST # 46 November 1997
TOOLCHEST # 45 August 1997
It's All in a Name by Ken Turner The Art of Blacksmithing: Book Review
Test Your Imagination Miller Cyclone Tools by Rod Thomas
The Mystery has been Weighed Up In Search of Wheelwright's Toolchests by Jeff Powell
A Lucky Find by John Daniel John Derrett, Miniature Plane Maker by Tony Deffett
The Number's Up for Matched Tongue and Grooving Planes
by Watson Cutter
An Interesting Axe by Gabe Bognar
'Select' Planer Razor Blade Tool by Rod Thomas Tool Word Derivations by Watson Cutter
Book Review: For the Smithy The Best Tape Measure?
Joiners, Supporters and Passionate Barrackers John Donkin's Patented Saw by Frank Ham
The Number One - Cute and Useful by Clarence Btanchard Design of Hand Drills
More Tools - With Knobs On! by Michael Potter Restoration of an Ebony Brace by Kees Klep
More About Flying Spanners by Bill Strid Moulding Planes by Des Miller
Wooden Shoes of Holland by Rod Jerard "Sunshine" Australia
  Tools, and a Desperate Doctor by Ken Tumer

TOOLCHEST # 44 May 1997
TOOLCHEST # 43 February 1997
The Cill Plane, by Jane and Mark Rees The Humble Oil Can
Finger or Thumb? Cobb & Co. Coach: an Australian Icon
"HEARTBEAT" and Hand Tools Surform Type Planes and Rasps - An Exercise in Genealogy?
Flying Spanners Book Review: Making Traditional Wooden Planes
Book Review: Antique and Collectible Stanley Tools - Guide to
Identity and Value
The History of My Collecting
Memories of My Apprenticeship Days, by Jim Black What is it or why is it?
Elegy on a Suburban Tool Chest, by Roy Fuller Book Review: The Legend of Stanley
Design of Hand Drills Moulding Planes - Getting with the Strength
Pattern Making, by Frank Ham Finger Planes
My Nightmare Sharpening Moulding Plane Blades
Spokeshave or Spokesheaf Tannic Acid Production
Woodstock, by Rod 7homas  
The Scrap Vice  

TOOLCHEST # 42 November 1996
TOOLCHEST # 41 August 1996
Davelco vs Davleco Screws and Screw Threads - Part 1
Thos B Linley and H.P.L. Unusual Plane by Gleave, Manchester
Letter about Sash-Scribing Planes Robert McConnell - Man of Many Talents - Part 2
Turner (Aust.) - Origins, Trademarks, Diversity & Demise China at Work - book review
Screws and Screw Threads - Part 2 The Making of Window Sashes
Identification Table for Stanley Block Planes Pope Products - History - Pope & Falcon Planes
Trade Marks and Patents - Whittingslowe -Steell Block Plane Thos B Linley - info wanted
Robert McConnell - Man of Many Talents - Part 3 Paradiso- Camberwell - humorous look at the junk market scene
Skew-Backed Handsaws (Henry Disston) Davleco
Plane Facts No 4 Silex & HFH
The Nature of Tool Design Brace yourself for the Boring Bits
The Craft of Masons  
Tool Word Derivations - Auger & Gimlet  

TOOLCHEST # 40 May 1996
TOOLCHEST # 39 February 1996
First HTPAA Australian Tool Conference How did People Manage Before Rabone?
Folding Rules - A Symbol of Continuity Organisation of Crafts, Trades & Labour Part 1
Robert McConnell - Man of Many Talents - Part 1 Museum of the Goldfields - Kalgoorlie
The Starrett Wheels that led to more Wheels Centre Bits
Coffinmakers Silex Tools - with some catalogue reprints
The old Sea Dog Trick (Homour) Visit by Roger K. Smith
My Tool Collecting Experience The Aboriginal Stone Axe
Fine Work with Few Tools A Marking gauge design
Measurement of Barrels and Estimation of Capacity Brisbane Bowsaw Maker - W B Gower
Organisation of Crafts, Trades & Labour Part 2 More on Carter Planes
The Saw Part 2 Song of the Carpenter - verse A Collectors fate - Humour
Whittingslowe - Pressed Steell Block Plane A Dictionary of Australian Manufacturers - Part 2
Some Carpenter's Hammers Plane Facts No 3

TOOLCHEST # 38 November 1995
TOOLCHEST # 37 August 1995
Letters - Barker Bros, Sash Scribing Planes, Dragons Blood McPherson's - From Pig Iron to Machine Tools & Printing
John Buncle - A Melbourne Pioneer Manufacturer Folding Rules Part 2
Aboriginal Tools I Make the Best Hammer That's Made (-Adz Eye Nail Hammer)
A Day in the Life of a Tool collector The Thomas Caine Tool Collection
Tool Word Derivations - Caulk The Britannia Lathe in the Thomas Caine Tool Collection
Alanware - Australian Planemakers Coffin Smoother marked "Morris & Co, Fitzroy"
A Dictionary of Australian Manufacturers - Part 1 A Collectors Helper
Plane talk - Beautiful Precision Tools Recording a Collection
FB Cox Rule - interesting find Tool Collecting in Western Australia
Siegley Planes Unusual Spokeshave - 4 faces, unmarked
UK Visit of a Tool Buff The Saw Part 1 Barker Bros, Melb
Saw Nibs and Tool Traditions Plane Facts No 2
Woodstock Tools Walker's Micrometer Markin Gauge
Windsor Beaders  

TOOLCHEST # 36 May 1995
TOOLCHEST # 35 February 1995
Australian Tools - Carter Planes The Broadaxe - Relic of a Vanishing Art
Replicas, Reproductions and Restorations Pit Sawing
Folding Rules Part 1 Japanese Tools  
Thomas Caine Tool Collection What is a Hand Tool  
Plane Facts No 1 A Screwed-up Tale - humour  

TOOLCHEST # 34 November 1994
TOOLCHEST # 33 August 1994
The Mortise Axe Collecting Means Protecting Trojan P/L: 1911 - 1971
The Nature ans Identification of Timber Electro Boracic Steel
One Man's Chest The Tool Trail Part 1 Knobs on Pincers
The Tool Trail Part 2 The Tool Trail Part 3 David Kimberley Plough & Sash Fillester Planes
The Tool Trail Part 4 The Mary Rose Collecting Clocks
Victorian Artistry and Social History Timbers we use - Mahogany
The United Patriots Rational Benefit Society  

TOOLCHEST # 32 May 1994
TOOLCHEST # 31 February 1994
Street Chairmender Melbourne Chair Company Nail making in Early NSW
Scottish Planes: Antiquity, Art, Accuracy Windows Through the Ages
Recent Meanderings King Island Slasher The Art of the Joyner
My Changing World On Apprenticeship Stanley: One Hundred years
Hammer Drills HPL Sydney T & M Woolley Sydney - Australian Planemaker
Gauges: Marking, Cutting, Slitting The Skill of Sharpening
Venice Turpentine On Venice Turpentine

TOOLCHEST # 30 December 1993
TOOLCHEST # 30 December 1993 [Contd]
Collecting Old Hand Tools, talk by Frank Ham Bill Strids Edward Preston Collection
Colonial Office Patents in Early NSW, Bob Crosbie My Collection - Raymond Lord
Kiwi Magic - Spiers type plans made by George Fraser Lie-Nielsen Planes, John Larkins
More on What is a Handtool?, Ken Turner - lots of small machinery illustrated Tools in Private Museums- Sorrento Hardware Museum, Doug McIver
Timbers we use - Oak, Colin Goldberg Dragon's Blood, Graham M Thompson
TOOLCHEST # 29 October1993
TOOLCHEST # 28 August 1993
Handles, Linseed Oil and Other Things, Doug McIver Gregory Steel Products - talk by Jack Ellis
A Winning Attachment - The Humble Nail (History of Nailmaking), Nigel L HMS Victory, talk by Ship Modellers Soc, Vic
TOOLCHEST # 27June 1993
Painting and Decorating, History
Old Tools - talk by Jim Stockton Mont de Lancey, historic pioneer property in Nth Wandin
The Victorian Blacksmiths Assc.
Preston Horse Collar Measure, Bill Strid
Drawknife and Shaving Horse, by Alan West Tuckpointing, Nigel Lampert
The story of Stone Masonry, Gabe Bognar Carbonate of Soda for Rust Prevention, Nigel Lampert
Axes in Australia, by Paul Wilkins
TOOLCHEST # 26 April 1993
What is a hand Tool - Watson Cutter Restoration or Conservation - talk by Alison Wain, Chief Conservator, Museum of Victoria
Molasses in Action - Gabe Bognar & Val Quanchi Plastering - History of the use of Plaster in building, Ancient, England and Australia
What is a Kale Pot?, Ken Turner The United Patriots Rational Benefit Society
TOOLCHEST # 25 February 1993
The Edwin Budding patent Lawn Mower, 1830 pat
Reg Eaton & the Brass Framed Brace
TOOLCHEST # 23 October 1992
Action at High Grange 13/3/1860 Violin Making - Nigel Lampert
What is a Hand Tool The History, Development & Dating of English Moulding Planes - Richard Davidson
TOOLCHEST # 24 December 1992
Visit to USA - Frank Ham (Mercer Museum)
HTPAA Incorporated in September Mediaeval Craftsmen, Tradesmen & Other Workers (Tradenames)- Pt 3. Watson
My New Collection - Preston - Bill Strid - NZ Sharpening Stones - Alex Jenkin
Australian Tools Collection - Inauguration
TOOLCHEST # 22 August 1992
Carpenter's Framing Square, Improving the - Doug McIver Tool Collecting in Queensland - Two Rare Finds - John R Brown - Cox Mitre & Norris A5
TOOLCHEST # 21 June1992
Shot Towers - Nigel Lampert
Mediaeval Craftsmen, Tradesmen & Other Workers (Tradenames)- Pt 2. Watson Plain Furniture - Alan West
Brickmaking - The Hoffman Kiln - Nigel lampert A Remnant of the Ind Revolution - "The Exhibited Machinery (International Exhibition )of 1862" - Ken Turner
The Australian "HYTEST" Racing Axe - Val Quanchi Abrasives & Sharpening Stones - Val Quanchi
Australian Tools - Percy Nichols, Hobart
More on Saw Nibs and Molasses
The Sandusky Centre-Wheel Plough Plane - Laurie Lewis
TOOLCHEST # 20 April 1992
More on the Saw Nib Formation of a Sydney Group - by Henry Black
More on Molasses
Sharpening Saws - meeting report from March 1992
TOOLCHEST # 19 February 1992
Second Annual Tool Sale
The Kirkham Connection - collection of trades tools in Geelong Ken Roberts lecture on English Braces & other Tools
The Mediaeval Tool Chest - Watson Cutter Mediaeval Craftsmen, Tradesmen & Other Workers (Tradenames)- Pt 1 - Watson Cutter
Roof Work in Lead - Nigel Lampert (Lead Tools illustrated) The Art of Brickmaking: Some Historical Perspectives - Nigel Lampert
Roofing - Pitched & Flat Roofs, with illustrations of Lead roofs and tools Interesting Find - Carpenter's New Guide (1793) Peter Nicholson
Australian Tools - Sidchrome, Timber gun, Durham, Plane Works Fitzroy Australian Tools - Timber Splitting Gun
Restoration of an old Mortising Mathieson Machine., illustrations
Molasses in Tool Cleaning
TOOLCHEST # 18 December 1991
TOOLCHEST # 17 October 1991
Routing Planes - talk by Watson Cutter Stanley - 50 years in Australia? - (since 1971 as Stanley)
Roofing - The Magic of Slate. Illustrations of Slating Tools, methods of laying, sizes, etc. - Nigel Lampert The Craft of Thatching
Australian Tools - GMB Melb Basic Tools - The Froe
Cane Collection - someone who knew him The Empire Marketing Board
Millers Patent Plough & Fillister Cane Coll'n - Caine's Registered Mark
TOOLCHEST # 16 August 1991
TOOLCHEST # 15 June1991
Log Numbering Hammer by C McIntosh, Kyogle, NSW
Woodcarving Tools by Colin Goldberg
Tiling Pt 3 - Roofing Tiles Early Melbourne Hardware Trade, Story by Arthur Marsham
Spear & Jackson 1937 Catalogue, photos of S & J Plane Tiling Pt 2 - Wall Tiles
Cleaning Tools by Terry Butcher Caine Report
Aust tools GBM Melb, Robert Henry Pearce, Kingsgrove, NSW Aust Tools - GBM Melb, Falcon / Pope Planes, Catalogue photos
Adept Chamfer Plane Pat Pend no 2994/70, and Pat 34580/71
TOOLCHEST # 14 April 1991
TOOLCHEST # 13 February 1991
Tiling Pt 1 - The Australian Mosaic Tileworks, Melb
Coach Building Pt 4 - Tramway Cars & Equipment Caine Tool Collection - Probate Valuation
Australian Tools - William John James (Pat 15443/20) TOOLCHEST # 12 December 1990
Joiners Tools available in Sydney in 1820 Coach Building Pt 3 - Coach Joinery - mentions woods used - Tulip Wood, Rosewood, Kingwood, Harewood
TOOLCHEST # 11 October 1990
Australian Tools - The Original Plumb - W N Plumb, Sydney
Australian Planes - Alanware, E. Kennedy, Melb
TOOLCHEST # 10 August 1990
Coach Building Pt 2 - Railway carriages & Wagon Bodies Coach Building - Pt 1 - lots of illustrations of Coach building tools, hardware & plans
Australian Makers - Adze by T. Aitken & Sons, Sydney Moulding Planes - Design & Construction
Australian Planemakers - brief history of Falcon / Pope, Turner, Stanley / Titan, Mac Tools & Proto Tools Moulding Planes - Development of the Wedge
British Railway Compant Badges Moulding Planes - Types & Classification
TOOLCHEST # 9 June 1990
Moulding Planes - Restoration - lots of illustrations
Wheelmaking Pt 2 - Machine Made Wheels - lots of handtools & machinery illustrated Australian Planemakers - Aitken & Sons, T B Linley, Pope, Falcon, Turner & Stanley
Wheelmaking Pt 2 - Hand Made Wheels Australian Planemakers - Carter Tools - history of Carter Tools and list of Planes made
Australian Planemakers - Adept
TOOLCHEST # 8 April 1990
TOOLCHEST # 7 February 1990
Ken Roberts lecture - "Tools for the Trades & Crafts"
Ken Roberts Gulf Station - History Wheelwright - The Craft of the Wheelwright
Stanley Toolbox of the World - incl some trademarks and rare Stanley Planes Wheelwright - Timber of the Wheelwright
Caine Tool Collection - Catalogueing Wheelmaking Pt 1 - incl lots of illustrations on wheelmaking
Caine Tool Collection - Tools at Polly Woodside Australian Planemakers - List of Known makers as at April 1990
Caine Tool Collection - The Story of Thomas Caine Historic tools on display in Bendigo at Sandhurst Trustees
TOOLCHEST # 5 October 1989
TOOLCHEST # 6 December 1989
The Adze
Dating Stanley Planes
Pioneer Skills of Australia, Alan West Leonard Bailey - Plane Pioneer - incl lots of Bailey Plane illustrations
Sleeper Hewing - incl illustrations of sleeper cutting tools Caine Tool Collection - the move from Ripponlea
Caine Tool collection - Contents of Tool Box -> 4 pages of handwritten list Caine Tool Collection - Tool Box # 2 - List of Contents
TOOLCHEST # 4 August 1989
TOOLCHEST # 3 June 1989
Tale of an Old Smoothie, Tony Derrett Violin making with Raynor Beilharz
Foundry Work - extensive article incl. Green Sand Moulding & Bench Moulding International Wood Collectors Society, Jock Watson
Caine Tool Collection - TS Caine's Will Stone Tools from 31,000 years ago
  Man & His Tools - A Force for Change, Watson Cutter
TOOLCHEST # 2 April 1989
TOOLCHEST # 1 February 1989
Caine Tool Collection Disston # 10 Imperial Saw tool - instructions for use
Coopering - Art of the Old World Disston - Setting & Swaging Hammers
Coopering - The Noble Art of Cooperage - Lots of Cooper's tools illustrated Disston - How to set & File Cross Cut Saws Disston - Cross Cut Saw Files
Spotswood Pumping Station Museum Bookcase Plane

Back copies of the Tool Chest are available from the Secretary HTPAA

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