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Australia has an interesting history of plane makers stretching back well over 100 years. Some plane makers were individuals while others were large companies. Of the companies some focussed on making planes. other produced a range of hand tools whilst for some planes and even tools generally were only one of their line of business.

One driver of locally produced hand tools was World War 2 when traditional suppliers of hand tools such as planes were unable to supply the Australian market due to other priorities and transport difficulties. This created an opportunities for local suppliers to fill the gap.

Known Australian Plane Makers:

Metal Planes
Adept Tools Co
Alanware Pty Ltd
Carter Tools Pty Ltd
Davleco Eng. & Manfg. Co Pty Ltd
Falcon - Pope Products Ltd
Goodwood (Aust.) Productions
Handee, S.O. Products
Herbert Edward Watkinson
Masonite Corporation Pty Limited - for
McConnell, Robert Inventions
McLaren, Jas
Pacific  MEM
Pope     Pope Products Ltd
Select Planer,  Dis by Majestic Products Ltd
Sharmanco    P.S.Sharman & Co
The Stanley Works Pty Ltd
Surform,     Simmonds Aerocessories
Turner Industries Ltd
Vaughan, H.C. Products
Whittinglow Engineering Ltd
Woodstock Products

Wooden Planes
Bergs Aust Tools Pty Ltd
Bray, Richard
James, William John
Kennedy, E.  Toolmaker
Nicholls, Percy
Wehner, Jos & Co

Australian Chinese Planes
Chay Gum
Lim Toon
Louey Woon

Wood Planes with English Beech
Edwards, J.
Morris & Co.  Morris Manufacturing Co.
Wood, C.
Woolley, T & M

Here is a selection of images reflecting the range of planes produced in Australia, both to traditional designs and some quite unconventional designs. Click on an image to see a larger image.

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