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Antique & Collectable Hand Tool Market

The next Antique & Collectable Hand Tool Market will be held on Sunday 27th October 2024 9am to 12:30pm.

St. Anthony's Parish Hall
164 Neerim Rd, Corner Neerim & Grange Rds, Caulfield East, VIC 3145 (Melway Ref. 68 F4).
Ample street parking or public transport: Frankston train, 600m from Glenhuntly Station
or # 67 tram from University, 310m walk from Glenhuntly Rd.

Sellers are HTPAA members only and members of the public are welcome.
Entry is $5 per person.

COVID-19 rules as applicable at the time will apply.


Directory of Australian Tool Manufacturers & Makers ©2006 Rod Thomas

ISBN 0 9579110 1 7

A Directory of Australian Manufacturers was established to disseminate information about historical Australian manufacturers and suppliers of tools.

The HTPAA is not connected to any trade groups or organizations, so information about current manufacturers and suppliers should be sourced by the enquirer from trade journals, phone books, libraries or the internet.

The HTPAA does not have a retail business so offers of tools from makers are pointless, as are requests to source tools or components. The HTPAA does maintain a collection of historic tools and welcomes donations of such.

The printed version of the Directory was published in 2001, and an electronic version has been available to search on this website for a similar period. The electronic version has been added to progressively, and now holds many more entries. The HTPAA thanks all those who have supplied additional information to add to the database.

Additional historical information is important to the Association, and it welcomes advice which adds to or extends the data available on Australian manufacturers, makers and suppliers of tools. If you can add any further information on Australian manufacturers, please make contact with us.

The author wishes to acknowledge the contributions that have made this Directory possible. Contributions have been received from many members of the HTPAA, members of similar interest groups and from members of the public with special interest in tools. Information has been gleaned from various publications such as: catalogues, brochures, newspapers, magazines, from advertising material and packaging and the Internet. In particular, much information has been acquired from the Intellectual Property Office namely: patents, trademarks, registered designs, principles, addresses and dates.

Mark Maker State Manufactured
Massey HarrisVicSpanners and wrenches for tractors & implements
A.C.A.AusArchimedean drill
A.D.F.Australian Drop Forging Co Pty LtdNSWEdge tools
A.D.S. (logo)Allan Day SpringNSWHand tools and instruments
A.F.Alex Folley Pty LtdVicDrill stand
A.F. (logo)A. Flavell P/LVicNon - cutting hand tools, metal stampings & pressings
A.F.E.A.W.Fairfax Pty LtdNSWBearing pullers - Duraflex Threadco
A.G.K.AusPlumber's bossing mallets - 2 sizes
A.J.S.A.J.S.Pty LtdQldWrecking bars, woodworking chisels
A.R.C.made for ARCAusMetric wire and bar size gauge
ABBEYAbbey Engineering Pty LtdVicCramps of all descriptions. 12" & 18" quick action clamps
ABEAusSpiral pushdrill
ACADEMY SAWSPaul WilliamsQldReplcemnt plane cutters in hard steels
ACEACE Marking EquipmentQldRefillable "felt tip marking pen"
ACMEAcme Engineering Co Pty LtdVicDrill stand, bakelite, ACME "Tudor" alloy drillstand, painted red
ACORNAcorn Pressed Metal Pty LtdNSWHacksaw frames, multigrip pliers, oilcans
ADCOLAAusElectric soldering iron, small
ADEPT TOOLSRobert PearceNSWAluminium chamfer plane
ADVANCEAdvance Industries LtdNSWHand tools and instruments
AECOBrace, all metal
AESCOAlfred Adams Engineering Supplies CoEngineers vices
AGEAust. General Electric P/LNSWElectric soldering irons
AITKENT Aitken & Sons (merchant)NSWShipwrights adze, several moulding and side fillister plane
AJAXTrojan LtdVicGardening tools
AJAXScott & Son Pty LtdVicShovels and spades
ALANWAREAlanware Pty LtdVic9" Alloy plane
ALCOCKAlcock & CoVicPedal - treadle Scroll Saw
ALDERAlderdice Brassfounders Pty LtdVicHand tools and instruments
ALL STEEL ANVILSMcPhersonsVicSteel anvils forged from one solid piece of steel
ALLIEDAllied Aluminium ProductsVicDrawing square, 24" aluminium
ALPHAAusHammer handle, made from American hickory
ALPHA (logo Aust shape)Alpha Engineering Co P/LNSWHand tools and instruments
ALSAFEAlsafe Industries Pty LtdAusGoggles, spectacles, masks, face shields, helmets, earmuffs, safety hats
ALTOAlbert Raymond PatonNSWCarpenters clamps
ALUMINEXGeneral Abrasives P/LVicSharpening stones and wheels
ALVEYC Alvey & SonQldEarmarkers, fishing reels
AMSTRALNSWTorque socket
ANALITEAnalite P/LAusCork borers, set of 12
ANCHORAnchor Engineering Co P/LVicChain blocks & pulleys, tapping & drilling chucks
ANDERSE Anders & SonSATongs
ANUAusBelting tool
ANVILAusHacksaw frame
ANYCUTVauxhall ProductsNSWImproved hacksaw frame
APEAPE AuistraliaAusFabricated steel 6" offset engineers vice
APEXAusStainless steel rule - 12"
APOLLOBritish Tube Mills ( Aust ) Pty LtdSATubular Box Spanners
ARCUSArcus - Registered Trade MarkTechnical Drawing Scales
ARENDSENH. Arendsen & Sons Pty LtdVicDiecast pliers - appearance of dental exraction pliers
ARMSTRONGR.H.Armstrong & Co Pty LtdNSWMaul - wooden, mitre-box - wooden
ARNOLDVicSpanners for spray gun / equipment. One spanner marked Arnold, made by Fairfax)
AROSH. Arendsen & Sons Pty LtdVicHand tools & instuments
ARROWHacksaws (Aust) Pty LtdNSWHacksaw blades
ARROWSMITHArrowsmith Lumber Co.VicWooden tool handles
ASHBY TOOL COAshby Tool CoSABronze series woodworking planes
ASTCOAusOutside callipers 4" firm joint
ATCOAusEngineer's Countersink 5/8" x 60
ATKIN (Merchant)NSWShipwrights adzes and chisels (all made in England)
ATLASAusNail puller (cast iron construction)
ATOMAtom Distributing CoVicRubber sanding pads, grinding arbor
AURORAAurora Tools LtdAusEngineers drill bits
AUS - TECP & NVicPlumbers stock & die set
AUSAXED & M Shaw (Dave Shaw)QldAxes, incl broad and double bitted
AUSSIE DRIVEThe Stanley Works Pty Ltd (incorp Tas)VicHand tools in paticular drivers & bits for bolts/screws/fastners
AUSSIE SPEEDKeech Castings P/LNSWRacing Axe
AUSTALOYA.G.Healing LimitedVicRingspanners, spanners, wrenches
AUSTALOYArthur Oliver SorensonVicRingspanners, spanners, wrenches & other tools made from alloy steel
AUSTECP & N - TEC ProductVicPlumbers die heads
AUSTENW.E.AustenVicClinometer - Part No 10948 Pat No 118862
AUSTRAZenford Pty Ltd (Ziegler Tool Co)VicCoutersink, also soperdrills, supercounterbores, drill routers, boring bars & heads, lathe centres
AUSTRAAusEngineer's Countersink 1" x 90
AUSTRALTrojan LtdVicAxes, shovels, spades, forks & other gardening & digging implements
AUSTRALAustral Tools Pty LtdNSWEngineers knurls, nail and centre punches, engineering & carpenters tools
AUSTRALAustral AircraftAusFlint Gun,(also old type belt connectors)
AUSTRALP C ByrnesVicWire strainer
AUSTRAL WORKSAusDrift - heavy engineering
AUSTRALASIAN STEELAustralasian Steel Products P/LVicBench vices
AUSTRALIA KANGAROOTrojan Pty LtdVicHand tools & implements - to many to note
AUSTRALIAN ABRASIVESAustralian Abrasives Pty LtdNSWOilstones, sharpening stones, abrasive wheels etc
AUSTRALIAN GENERALAustralian General Electric P/LVicElectric soldering iron
AUSTRALIAN TOOL CONSW"Knob" would fit to shaft to turn same
AUSTREX AusCast iron mitre trimmer with vertical handle
AUSTSAWAus30 tooth tungston tip circular saw blade
AUTOLOCKRoeAusAutolock powertape CB16
AWAAusWire Cutters
AXFORDNSWHSS turning tools, gouges & chisels
B.H.F.NSWButt, single and dual stem marking gauges, wood levels, die cast drillstand
B.K.Bradford Kendall LtdNSWAnvils 7 - 448 lb, blacksmiths leg vices
B.V.CLAMPxxORVIC ENG COVicMulti sized flaring block, screw loading
BAGOTBagot Mills Pty LtdNSWClaw hammer handle - spotted gum
BAKERWilliam John BakerNSWLawyers bodkin, vetinaries' surgical kit, animal's ear marker, dagging outfit
BALFALLOYThe Eagle & Globe Steel Co LtdQldMachine knives & cutting tools
BAND RENCHMade in AustraliaAus"Band Rench" metal strapping wrench
BANNERTurner Industries LtdVicTapes - measuring
BARGERWm. G. Barger - Soho Foundry CoVicSpanners as used with Implements
BARINA.E.NichollsVic"Barin" machine tools
BARKERBarker Bros.VicPlane blades, carving chisels, knifes, chip carving tools, etc
BARNET? made for Barnett GlassVicVulcanising Clamp, made for Barnett Glass
BEARBear Norton Pty LtdNSWSlip stone - packeted
BEAUMONTG.M.BeumontSASmall compass plane approx 4" in lengh made of Aus blackwood
BEERHarold J. BeerVicVice Grip
BENBOWJ. C. Benbow LtdSAPressed metal ringspanners, stud extractor, machine tools. Flaremaker flaring tools
BENCHMATEAusDowelling Jig - Aus invented and made
BENNETG.S.Bennett (Aust)AusTrowels
BENTLEYBentley Manufacturing CompanyVicCement sheet cutters (two sizes), Floor Cramps etc, belt sanding attatchment for electric drill
BERGERAusPaint tin opener
BERGSBergs Aust.Tools Pty LtdNSWWooden planes and other woodworking tools
BESTABeck & Coram Pty Ltd - MerchantAusBicycle blockspanner
BETTAVic"Revolutionary Clamping Device"
BETTA BRUSHWAREBetta Brushware Pty LtdNSWWire Brushes
BIRCOBirco Electric ManufacturersVicElectric Soldering Irons
BKCBritish Knife Company LimitedSASaws, strippers, putty and glazing knives, pocket knives, secateurs
BLACK & DECKERBlack & Decker (A'sia) Pty LtdVicMany electric hand tools and accesories
BLACKEDGEColumbia & CumberlandAusCarpenter's pencil
BLACKJETPatience & Nicholson Pty LtdVicHand tools
BLAKELEY 1W.H.Blakeley & CoVicSaws, plane blades, etc (saw doctor)
BLAKELEY 2W.H.Blakeley Knife & Saw Co P. L.Vic
BLAKELEY 3W.H.Blakeley Industrial Knifes Pty. Ltd.VicPaper, food and recycling knives
BLAKELEY & HARTLEYVicHand saw, 1" (Gilpin patent) wood bit
BLUE MOUNTAINL.J.Orta & Pty Ltd MelbourneVicAdze handle
BLUE SEALTurner Industries LtdVicShovels and garden tools
BLUEFLASHHytest Axe & Tool Pty LtdNSWAxes
BOMBABomba ProductsNSWDressers - emery wheel
BONSERHely Brothers Pty LimitedVicTool handles of wood, hatchets, etc
BOOMAROO(logo)Artlay Manufacturing CompanyNSWHand tools and instruments
BOOMERANGVicOpen end spanners
BOOSTERThe Booster Mfg CoVicScaffold Brackets
BORAL CYCLONECyclone Hardware Pty LtdVicExtensive range
BORAL FROST TOOLSCyclone Hardware Pty LtdVicExtensive range
BORAL P & N CUTTING TOOLSCyclone Hardware Pty LtdVicExtensive range, and turning chisels
BORAL TROJAN PRODUCTSCyclone Hardware Pty LtdVicExtensive range
BORCHHacksaw frame
BOTHBoth Equipment LimitedSAThe Both Drillsaw - Jigsaw, electric drill attachment
BOWBarry YoudTasRacing Axes only
BOWESBowes & Co LtdRubber sanding disc 4 1/2"
BOWMASTERBowthorpe Australia Pty LtdNSWHand tools and implements, hand operated
BOWSAWBowsaw Tool Co - Ray IngoldQldBronze and stainless steel block planes similar to 101
BOYDCOBoyd Chambers & CoNSWLettering Guide, Radius Curve
BOYLEVicAnimal ear punch
BRADESCyclone under licenceAus7 lb (short handled) sledge, 3 1/2 lb axe head
BRAMMERT. BrammerVicChip carving knife/leather working, "bag" knife
BRANDTBrandt BrosVicSmall cylindrical spirit lamp
BRAY, RICHARDRichard BrayVicMultiple blade woodworking plane Pat App 9482/22 accep 2/5/1923
BREECHLOKTurner Industries LtdVicScrewdrivers under Licence to Booth Developments (NZ) Ltd
BRERETONL. Brereton & SonsNSWGlass - circle cutter ?
BRITEXVic12" steel rule
BRITISH KNIFEBritish Knife Co LtdSABack Saw, pruning saw, nest of saws
BRITISH TUBE MILLSBritish Tube Mills (Aust) Pty LtdSAApollo - Tube / box spanners, spanners & sets
BRONZEWINGHacksaws (Aust) Pty LtdNSWSmall pistol shaped hacksaw frame
BROOKEADESBrook Eades Pty LtdWAcorner plumbing device - metal angle section with horizontal flat bubble
BROOKESW.A.Lyndon Warranted SoxxxxQldMortice Axe
BROOKES & NOBLEBrookes & Noble Poss. merchantQldGranny's Tooth - open mouth - wood, moulding plane
BROOKVALERoe ?NSWBlack nylon rules
BROOSEH.D.Broose & CoNSWHand Crank Bench Grinder
BROWNSunshine Technical WorksBuilder's Plumb Bob Stand
Brown & SonBrown & SonVicEntrenching mattock dated 1917, Melbourne
Brown & SonBrown & SonVicEntrenching mattock dated 1917, Melbourne
Brown & Son MelbourneBrown & SonVicEntrenching mattock, dated 1917
BROWNEBrowne Tool CoAusBlack plastic - Stanley type knife
BRUSH & DRUMMONDBrush & Drummond - or for B&D by ?VicParallel Rule
BULGINAusLP gas torch and Equipment
BULLDOGKelly & Lewis ( Bulldog Tractor )Vicspanners and wreches
BUNCLEJohn Buncle & Son LtdVic"G" clamps, o/e spanners
BUNNAlan BunnWACopies Stanley No 1 and No 74, etc, small numbers
BURNSNSWKnives - marking, joiners
BUSMBritish United Shoe MachineryAusLeather Scive (Small machine) spanners - also marked WRH L
BYSOUTHW.BysouthVicPatented detatchable handle shovel, pick etc (4)
C & MCusack & MooreVicTrysquare, mitresquare, sliding bevel, carpenters square, bench screw
C & R ELECRICAL PRODUCTSC & R Electrical ProductsNSWElectric soldering irons
C. I. GCommonwealth Industrial GasesVicSpanners & gas bottle keys
C.C. ToolsColen Clenton ToolsSAMarking gauges, adjustable squares etc etc
C.S. TrowelsSlarke BrosNSWBrickies trowel
CARBOSILGeneral Abrasives Pty LtdVicSharpening stones and wheels
CARFORDCarford CastorsAusDiecast o/e spanner 1/2 - 7/16
CARR FAST COCarr Fast CoAusPocket knife - defence issue similar to Whittingslowe
CARTERCarter Tools Pty LtdNSWBench planes, clamps, cramps, vyces, lath hatchet, brass plumbob, pipe cutter, bench screw, workbench, vernier centre finder etc
CASCADEHytest Axe & Tool Pty LtdNSWSledge, spalling, napping, drill, mash, engineers & claw hammers, wedges
CASLAKEC. R. CaslakeVicTongs
CASTALLOYCastalloySAHand Tools and Instruments
CCCCHB ?AusKnife - plastic handle
CENTURYHarvie Morris Pty LtdSAPlasters floats
CESCOCousens and SmithNSWCompression testing gauge
CESCOCecil & Co Pty LtdVicOil can
CHALLENGEMetal Equipment Manuf's P/L (MEM)NSWHammers
CHALLENGERHytest Axe & Tool Pty LtdNSWAxes and hatchets
CHAMBERSNSWLettering Guide
CHAMPIONChampion Parts Pty LtdVicEngineers taps - dies in tin box,
CHAMPIONAusHobby soldering outfit
CHAMPKUTKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWAxes
CHAPMANThos. Chapman & Sons LtdNSWCircular saws, machine knives and blades of every description
CHARCONSWBlower for Blacksmith's Forge
CHECKMATE AusAlloy level 18" 2P & 1L Level
CHENEYCyclone Co of Aus (under licence)VicClaw hammer with nail holder
CHIEFTANMetal Equipment Manufacturers Pty LtdNSWHammers including claw
CHILLERKevin ChillerAusAxes
CHIP ITAus1/2" Registered firmer chisel
CHIVERSH.A.ChiversAusCompass type M.1.
CHRISTENSENChristensed Diamond ProdAusSpanner
CIGWELDCommonwealth Industrial Gases ?VicSpanners & gas bottle keys
CIRCSAWSACircular saw blades
CIRCULUS INSTRUMENTSCircular Instruments Pty LtdNSWEngineers callipers
CLAW BRANDWiltshire File Company Pty LtdVicFiles
CLENTONColen Clenton ToolsSAMarking gauges, adjustable squares etc etc
CLIFF & BUNTINGCLIFF & BUNTING Nth MelbVicDogbone bike spanner
CLINCH GRIPSiddons Industries LtdVicScrewdrivers
CLIPSALGerard Industries LtdSASpanners, pressed steel ring spanners and cone spanners for bikes
CLYDEClyde Implements Pty LtdNSWHeavy Engineering, Trains, Ag implements and spanners for
COCKATOOCyclone under licence BradesAus3 1/2 lb axe head
COFFEYDowidat Coffey Pty LtdNSW6" Adjustable Wrench, 14" Stillsons, o/e spanners, multi grips
COFFEYStanley F. Coffey (Sold)NSWLong series, pull-push pocket series, automatic power brake series. Some Sidchrome private brand rules
COLLIER logoGraham Collier Pty LimitedNSWHand tools
COLLIERTOOLSColliertools (Aust) Pty LimitedNSWHand tools, much per (334369 class 8)
COLPOYSE. ColpoysVicTongs
COLUMBIAColumbia Pencil & Crayon Co Pty LtdNSWCarpenter's pencil
COLUMBIAColumbia Writing ProductsNSWCarpenters pencils, many other pencils
COLUMBIA & CUMBERLANDColumbia & CumberlandAusCarpenter's pencil
COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIESCommercial IndustriesSASpanners
COMPANIONCompanion Heaters PtyLtdVicBlowlamps
COMWELDCommonwealth Industrial GasesVicSpanners & gas bottle keys - used with gas bottles and gauges
CONCRAFTPossibly C.A.C not confirmedVicAluminium rebate plane No 78, aluminium bullnose plane
CONNELLANConnellan & SonsQldAnvil - approx 100lb
CONNOLLYJames Connolly Pty LtdNSWAdjustable wrench, 1/8 x 3/16 W o/e spanner's (also marked Southern Cross), several o/e spanners
CONNOLLYNSWAdjustable wrench, range of pressed steel O/E Spanners
CONTINENTALF.H.Prager & Co Pty LtdACTSythes, pliers, grass & pruning shears and pincers
COOKEL. & J. CookeVicTongs
COOKES. Cooke & CoAusType setter's guiloteen
COOPERCooper EngineeringNSWCombination multiple vices, anvil, grinder etc, "C" cpanner for shearing equipment
COOPER & WOODCooper & WoodAus8" level
COOPER TOOLSCooper Tools Pty LtdNSWFiles and rasps
COWLEY AusAutomatic level
COXL.S.CoxNSWSurveying, Scientific & Elecrical Instruments
COXHEADCoxhead Industrial Engineering CoVicHolloriv-brakelining rivet set, breastdrill, handled large button die
CRAFTMASTERWalker Equipment Pty LtdNSWHand tools and instruments
CRAFTSMANHytest Axe & Tool Pty LtdNSWAxes and hatchets
CRAFTSMANCharles Handford Pty LtdQldEdged garden tools, builders / engineers and mechanics tools
CRIMP - TITENR & R Tool CoAusWire Strainer - tensioner
Crisp & Brown HobartTasAdvertising Tape Measure (lools like Turner)
CROUCHERF. CroucherQldhalf moon leather knife
CROWNThos. Chapman & Sons LtdNSWCircular saws, machine knives and blades of every description
CUSACK & MOORECusack & MooreVic12" Aluminium alloy rule, trysquare, carpenter's combination square
CUTLASSAuroraVicHigh speed steel drills
CYCLONE FORGINGSCyclone Forgings Pty LtdVicBrickies hammer, spanners, etc - heeps per cats
CYCLONE INDUSTRIESCyclone Industries Pty LtdVicGardening - mainly
CYJAXCyjax Eng. and Welding Works(Aust)AusVices
D. C. M.Union Abrasives Pty LtdVicCombination sharpening stone
D.C. logoAlbert Churcher & S.R.Delmont LtdSAGraduated measuring tools and instruments
D.O.T.Dillon Oxy Torch Pty LtdVicOxy welding kit
D.T.F.Vic2" & 4" "G" clamp, 1" boiler makers clamp
DALSONDalsonVicString line holder
DANARMDanarm Pty LtdNSWAll types of saws included in this class 8
DANDENONGCyclone under licenceVic4 1/2 lb Axe head, Axes, including the "Dandenong"
DANDYwood joiners
DANFORGEDaniel Forge Tool CoVicRange automotive per catalogues
DANIEL FORGEDaniel Forge Tool CoVicRange automotive per catalogues
DANIEL HARVEYDaniel Harvey LtdVicSmall and large o/e spanners, implement
DARLTON 1Prymace Engineering Co Pty LtdNSW"Darlton" blow lamps, brazing lamps, soldering irons
DARLTON 2Darlton Products Pty LtdNSWBlowlamps, enginelamps, brazinglamps, soldering butts
DARLTON 3Commonwealth Metallic Pty LtdNSWShellite Speedy Stripper, shellite soldering iron
DAVE FOSTERDave FosterTasRacing Axes (foundry Sydney)
DAVIET.M.Davie & Co (merchant)VicMoulding planes, saw, several other items - by various makers
DAVISDavis Industries AustraliaAusCar tyre pump
DAVLECODavleco Eng & Manfg Co Pty LtdVicD78, D40 = nickel and paint versions ( Planes, saw vices )?
DAWNThe Dawn Manufacturing Co Pty LtdVicClamps, riddles, winches, range of vices etc - and other metal goods - as per cats
DEADRIGHTAusQuick adjusting woodenclamp (instrument makers clamp)
DECALDie Casters Pty LtdVicForce feed oil cans
DENMAN & ROBINSON 1Denman & Robinson Pty LtdVicSaws, files
DENMAN & ROBINSON 2Denman & Robinson Supercut Ind.VicIndustrial saws and machine knives
DENSIFIED WOODSDensified Woods Pty LtdNSWTool handles
DENYERDenyer BrothersVicVeterinary Instruments & Supplies, dehorning pliers
DERRETTJohn DerrettVicMiniatures woodworking planes etc
DI -CON 1Die Casters Pty LtdVicHand tools and instruments
DI -CON 2Spinway Industries Pty LtdVicHand tools and instruments
DI -CON 3Spurway Industries Pty LtdNSWHand tools and instruments, SR1 pop riveter
DIACO in flat diamondMindrill LimitedNSWCutting and Drilling tools
DIAJETDiamond & Boart Products (Aus) PtyLtdNSWHand tools and instruments inclusive of handdrills and bits, also machine tools
DIAMOND WCement Hand Tool CompanyVicCement working tools Edger, 6 groove step, various jointers
DIGADOOCounterpart EngineeringNSWHigh quality garden and related tools
DIGGERGrays Pty LtdVicPicks, hoes, rakes, spades, shovels, forks, etc
DILLONDillon Oxy Torch Pty LtdVicOxy welding kit
DIMACAcme Engineering Co Pty LtdVicHand tools having a cutting edge, also machines and machine tools and parts
DIMACDudgeon Industries Pty LtdVicMachine tool accessories and machine tooling
DISSA. E. Diss & SonsNSWPin punches, tap wrench, engineers clamp
DISSTONH. K. Porter Australia Pty LtdAusFret saw, hand saws, bowsaws, Diss-chrome circular saws, etc
DISSTON 5Henry Disston & Sons Inc. (Austr) LtdNSW
DIXBRODixbo LtdSAIndustrial power and Hand brushes
DIXONE. Dixon & CoNSWWire Brushes
DOMAXAus0 - 1/2" three jaw drill chuck
DONAGHYM Donaghy & Sons Pty LtdAusbricklayer's line - nylon
DONALDDonald Patents LtdNSWWire Strainer
DONSWOODDonnswoodAusHammer handle
DOUGLASJ. P. DouglasAusPunch - leather heel
DOUGLAS & WILSONDouglas & WilsonVic3 " wide gouge, ? for leather
DOWELLWarren and Brown Pty LtdVicTension Wrench
DOWIDATAus6" Adjustable Wrench, 14" Stillsons, o/e spanners, multi grips
DREADNOUGHTThe Titan Manufacturing CoVicWire Strainer
DRILL - EASYAtlas Manufacturing Co Pty LtdVicHand drills, including masonry
DU - ALLPeters & PetersVicSlate sharpening stone
DUCOBalm Paints Pty LtdVicFountain pen like instrument for applying touch up paints
DUFORDuly & Hansford Limited NSWNSWSocket with wrench - sets in metal boxes, ring & o/e spanners, ratchet wrench, socket sets
DUIGANReginald Charles DuiganVicWire Strainer, also improved tube spanner pat 4570/31
DULY & HANSFORDDuly & Hansford Pty LtdNSWPliers
DUMB-BELLAlbert William DumbrellNSWMoulder's tools, trowels, plasterers tools
DUPEH DupeVicDiestock, brass and steel constuction
DURAFITAus6 size socket set - 3/16" to 1/2" WW
DURHAMAusNo 2 Metal block plane (similar 110)
DURHAM 1AusDie cast Blockspanner - dumbell / dogbone type - Bicycle Wrench
DURHAM 2AusNo 2 Metal block plane (similar 110) small vice marked Durham (not marked Aus)
DURSTDurst Motor & Electric Ind. Ltd, Sydney, since 1918NSW8 inch elec bench grinder
DYSONAus4" "G" Clamp
E T C logoEastern Tool Company (Aus)AusSpanners, sockets, vices, taps & dies, impact socket-driver, pop riveter
E T C logoDureau Tool ProductsAusWood mitre box, trimming knife
E.C.V.AusRear brake drum hub puller remover (to suite Holdens to 1954)
E.L. AusCombination pliers
EAGLE ON A GLOBE logoThe Eagle & Globe Steel Co LtdQldCircular, band and hacksaws, drills & files
EASI - CUTKelly Engineering Co Pty LtdNSWPlumbers pipe cutters
EASI - GRIPAus1/8" - 2" Pipe vice
EASI - THREADAus1" - 2" Pipe stock and dies
EASISETP.T.Industries Pty LtdVicSpark plug gapping tool
EASTEast BrosNSWPaint scraper, "Beast" break down cleaver
EAST (FORGE)East BrosNSWPaint Scraper, "Beast" break down cleaver,
EASY WEEDERTrojan Pty LtdVicHand tools & implements including garden tools
EASYSETAtom Distributing CoVicDowelling Jigs - Variation 1 & 2
EBONAXTool Equipment Co Pty LtdNSWEngineers measuring, testing & setting out instruments
ECLIPSEPatience & Nicholson Pty LtdVicHacksaw frames, hack saw blades
ECLIPSEDenyer BrosVicVeterinary Instruments & Supplies, dehorning pliers
EDUAusSmall ratchet screwdriver
EDWARDSJ.Edwards Maker ?Vic8" beech spar plane, also marked Mathieson & Son Glasgow
EFCOEFCONSWHandi saw, blade handle
EGVSiddons Drop ForgingsVicEGV stands for Edward G Vaughan, Aust, a factor in Sydney, he was an invester in Siddons after it burned down in 1941
ELASTRATOR AusCastrator - docker, rubber rings
ELECTRO FILE & TOOLElectro File & Tool Reconditioning CoNSWDressers - emery wheel
ELKHacksaws (Aust) Pty LtdNSWHacksaw blades
ELLIOTT NSWSmall hand drill
ELMA DIAMONDElma Diamond ProductsNSWDressers - emery wheel
ELMECElmecNSWDrill sharpening attatchment
EMDEEEmdee ProductsAusSpiral ratchet screwdrivers
EMUPercival Crowshaw HallstromNSWSmall hobby anvil, wood chisels & wood working & metal working tools
ENGINEER & SAWMILLEngineer & Sawmill Supply CoQldTurning Chisels
ENSIGNNorman Baker & Longhurst Pty Ltd "M"NSWBuilders tools mainly of wood, mitre boxes, plasters tools
EQUIP G.M.H.General Motors HoldenVico/e spanners
ERAPeter Robertson HandlampVicPlumbers Lamp
ERNSTErnst BrosVicPaint scraper
ERSKINSides & Skinner (Aust)AusPruning shears, hacksaw frames, heel shave
ESBEScott Bonnar LimitedSAEngineering, architectual and building contrivances
ESCESC Tools Pty LtdVicHigh speed steel drill set M2, high speed steel - jobbers drills
ESDAILEE. Esdaile & SonsNSWParallel rule, north alignment compass
ETECOEfficiency Tool & Engineering Co.VicDrill Gauge
ETECOC. C. Engineering Industries Pty LtdNSWHacksaw Jig
EUREKAEureka Tool Manufacturing CoVicHacksaw frames and blades
EVACAusPatent wire stripper
EVACUTPatience & Nicholson (N.Z.) LimitedNZTwist/hand/hack saw blades, drills & cutting tools
EVIK AusHacksaw frame (tubular and diecast handle)
EVROEvro Tool Company Pty LimitedNSWCold chisels, punches, wedges, star drill ,bolster, pinchbars, soldering irons
EWINGEwing ToolsQldEngineers drills, reamers, centres and surface plates
EXCELLHely Bros Pty LtdNSWAmerican Hickory hammer handle
EXCELSIOR ABRASIVESExcelsior Abrasives Pty LtdNSWAbrasives, solid
EXECUTIVETurner Industries LtdVicTape Measures
EXPANDITE - RAWLPLUGA Burmah CompanyAusMasonry drill
EZYCUTEzycut Tools CoVicWoodworking tools
EZYSETAtom Distributing CoVicDowel Jig No 059 Variation 1 & 2
F.H.P Aus12" Adjustable spanner (shifter) similar to Dowidat
F.H.P.F H PraegerNSWAust made & imported handtools
FAIRFAXA.W.Fairfax Pty LtdNSWBolt cutters, roof punch, o/e & block spanners, multigrips, stillsons
FAIRFAX HENTYPadbury Henty & Co Pty LtdVicBreast drill, also bench drills
FALCONPope Products LimitedSABench planes, spokeshaves, spanner sets, multigrip pliers, hand drills,
FALICITY AusDressmakers multi purpose measure
FASKUT logoAlbert P. Barncastle Pty LimitedNSWFret saw blades, Jewellers piercing blades
FASTABLASTStead & Baker SydneyNSWLog splitter (Timber splitting gun)
FASTGRIPMetal Equipment Manufacturers Pty LtdNSWSwivel head adjustable wrench
FAYLANFaylan Tool CoVicCarpenters braces, tap wrenches
FENWICK and WRIGHTFenwick and WrightAusPanel saw and a mallet
FERNW.H.PlumbNSWPer sales information - to many items to list incl axes and spanners
FIBRE - METALAlsafe Industries Pty LtdAusGoggles, spectacles, masks, face shields, helmets, earmuffs, safety hats
FIDELITYFidelityToolsNSWCast aluminium gardening trowel
FIELD VicButcher's saw - 20" x 2" blade, 11 to the inch
FILE RECONDITIONINGFile Reconditioning CoNSWDressers - emery wheel
FINKALFinlay Engineering Co Pty LtdVicRoof punch, centre punches
FINKAL WATTFinlay Engineering Co Pty LtdVicCentre,nail,pin and hollow punches, cold chisels, hex key wrench, brass drift
FINNIMOREH.G.FinnimoreQldTool bags
FIREFLYAustral AircraftAusFlint Gun,(also old type belt connectors)
FIRTH CLEVLANDFirth Clevland Pty LtdVicSurform tools
FLAA.Flavell Proprietary LimitedVicNon - cutting hand tools
FLAREMAKERJ. C. Benbow LtdSAFlaring tools
FLAVELLEFlavelle Bros & CoAusParallel Rule - Ebony, brass & ivory, protractor
FLEXIBLE DRIVEFlexible Drive Co Pty LtdVicDrain cleaning machine - cable driven by an oversize eggbeater type drill
FLH in diamond QldTube cutters, pullers, flaring tools
FLIGHT LogoTrojan Pty LtdVicAxes, shovels, spades, forks & other gardening & digging implements
FLORIANTrojan LtdVicAxes, shovels, spades, forks & other gardening & digging implements
FLUPTrojan LtdVicAxes, shovels, spades, forks & other gardening & digging implements
FOLLEYAlex Folley Pty LtdVicAlloy drill stand
FOOC. FooAusWooden planes - Chinese style
FOREST KINGKing Saw Manufacturing Pty LtdNSWSaws, circular and band
FORESTERHytest Axe & Tool Pty LtdNSWAxes and hatchets
FORKMASTERTrojan Pty LtdVicHand tools & implements including garden & hardware hand tools
FORSTL.J.ForstNSWElectric Soldering Irons
FORTUNEJ.FortuneVicStove piping tongs (downpipe end crimping) approx 18" long
FOSTER AusDie sets
FOWLERSFowlers Pty LtdVicFowlers "Vacola" bottle opener
FOXForgecraft Manuf Co P/LVicScissors, (acquired by Turner 1962)
FRANKLINA.L.FranklinNSWRuler, parallel, rolling RA No1 Mk1.,15" brass parallel / rolling rule
FRANKLIN logoA. J. Healing LtdVicHand tools and instruments
FRASERCharles Homer FraserVicMitre guide & planing attat, paint mixer, saw & chisel & plane sharpener
FRISCO - WARESydenham ProductsVicBottle opener - can opener
FROSTFrost Engineering Coy. LtdVicHigh speed steel drills and drill sets
FULTONTasWood Jack Plane - laminated costruction
FURPHYJ. Furphy & SonsVicAgricultural / implement spanners
G.B. AusSquare, combination, several functions diecast
G.B.M.Green Brothers & Miller Pty LtdVicEngineers cutters, dies, taps, screwthreading stocks etc
G.J. NSWHand valve grinder - suction type
G.M.H. EQUIP Auso/e spanners
GAMMADesign Engineering Pty LtdAusHole cutting saws,
GAMMAGamma Tools ManufacturingVic
GARD-N-CARETrojan Pty LtdVicRefer Trojan
GAUNTThos. Gaunt OpticianVic12" boxwood rule
GECKO AusFish belly shifter similar "King Dick"
GEE JAYGeorge H Sample & SonVicTools, wrenches (automotive parts & accessories), tube spanners (spark plugs)
GEMMartinmakersVicTap reseater
GENERAL ABRASIVESGeneral Abrasives Pty LtdVicCarbosil & Aluminex wheels, hones, sticks, pencils etc
GENERAL BOLTS & NUTSGeneral Bolts & Nuts CoNSWDrawing Instruments
GERARDGerard Industries LtdSAClipsal and Hills spanners, cycle & box spanners
GIBAUDGibaud & SonsVicBrushes for distemper, varnish, glue, stiplers, etc
GIBBINSGibbins Farm Implement Co LtdVicWrenches, large spanner ? Implement
GIBSONR. M. GIBSON Pty LtdVicSpiral Drills - Patent non slip shank
GILKON NSWDuplicators Roller
GLOBEGlobe Products Ltd (Aust)AusDrills, grinders, callipers, shapers, breast drill no 801, etc
GODFREYGodfreyNSWHat Blocks for men's hats
GOLDLINETurner IndustriesVicGarden Tools
GOLDLINEGoldline Garden ToolsVicGarden Tools
GOLDLINEGoldlineVicGarden tools (acquired by Turner 1956)
GOODALLT.M.GOODALL & CoNSWTools for hammering saws (make sure not confusion with Goodall the Merchants)
GOODWILL Aus12" plastic advertising rule
GOODWOODGoodwood Engineering Pty LtdNSWDiecast bock plane (similar 101)
GORDONRitchAusTension Wrench
GORDONHNT Gordon & Co Classic Plane MakerNSWWooden planes - chinese style
GOWERW.B.GowerQldBow saw
GREEN BROS & MILLERGreen Brothers & Miller Pty LtdVicEngineers cutters, dies, taps, screwthreading stocks etc
GREEN SEALTurner Industries LtdVicShovels and garden tools
GREENFIELDA.P. Greenfield & Co LtdNSW2" scaled rule
GREENFIELDGreenfield & SonsNSWWood scaled square
GREGORY KNIVESGregory Knives Australia Pty LtdVicKnives etc
GREGORY Steel ProductsGregory Steel ProductsVicTo many items to list - per master database - incl range of spanners
GREGSTEELGregory Steel ProductsVicTo many items to list - per master database
GRIMOLDI VicRectangular Protractor - ivory 6" x 1 7/8".
GRIPMASTERCyclone Co of AustraliaVicSpanners, (and other metal tools), Gripmaster (style) spanner set
GUARANTEED WELDINGGuaranteed Welding CoNSWBench Vices
GUMChay GumAusPalm Smoother, red iron bark
GUMLEAFJohn Perry Pty LtdAusEngineer's hammer handle, spotted gum, 505mm long - Claw hammer handle, spotted gum
GUMLEAFAllen Taylor & Co LtdAusSpotted Gum Handles
GWILIGHTPioneer Industries LtdAus
GYREXGyrex Products Pty LtdNSWHigh grade engineers tools, pipe wrenches, trowels, shears, benders, cramps, level etc
GYREXAus Government Lithgow Small ArmsNSWStillsons- 14", 14" & 24", 12" alloy level (2 plumb, 1 level), brickies trowel, pole adze
GYROGyro Products Pty LtdNSWHand tools especially drill drifts, hammers and spanners
H.B.S. SawsHenry Bros. Saws Pty LtdNSWSaws and Knives for all industries and applications
H.C.D. logoHuckson Diecasters Pty LtdVicHand tools and instruments
H.C.HH.C.H.Grinding WorksNSWCutting iron, bench plane - 2" parallel - item Fred Murrell
H.P.L.NSWWood rabbet planes, wood levels, sliding bevel
HACKSAWS (AUST)Hacksaws (Aust) Pty LtdNSWHacksaw blades, "Elk" hacksaw blades
HADFIELDHadfield LtdNSWAnvils
HALLSTROMP.C.HallstromNSWBearing scrapers, screwdriver bits, carpenters bits and broaches, long nose plyers, plaster's small tools
HANDEES & O Handee ProductsNSWPressed steel block plane
HANDI SAWEfcoNSWHandi saw - blade handle
HANDIKIT TOOLSPope Products LimitedSASpanner sets, magneto spanner sets ( with feeler )
HANDLEYJohn William HandleyVicMarked 1941 Scale Rule Drawing Instruments
HANDLEYJ.W.Handley Proprietary LimitedVicScrew cutting taps and dies, Marked 1941 - Scale Rule
HANDLEY logoJ.W Handley Propriety LimitedVicScrew cutting taps and dies
HANDYFILEWiltshire File Company Pty LtdVicFiles
HANDYMANAustralian Abrasives LtdNSWGrinding wheel
HARDINGT.HardingVicTailors/dressmakers rule - wood, Tailors/dressmakers square - graduated scale Reg CP 6943 - plastic.
HARDINGC.C.Harding & SonsVicTimber Marking Hammer (6" diameter x 2 1/2" deep + wooden handle)
HARDWARE INDUSTRIESHardware Industries Agency CoVicAnvils
HAROLD & SAXONHarold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Aus-QldChisels &
HARPAGHarper's Agencies merchantVicHammers, pliers, spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers, braces, etc
HARRISE. O. HarrisNSWNail punch
HARVEYDaniel Harvey Ltd, BoxHill VicOrchard Implements, 6 1/2" o /e spanner, implement spanners, fruit measuring gauge
HASLERG.HaslerVic18" Tailors' upright rule
HATELEYT.F.Hateley Pty LtdVicEarmarking Pliers (animal)
HAWKES & JOWETTHawkes & JowettNSWSoldering Irons
HB (joined vertically)Horwood BagshawSATools for their agricultural machinery, entrenching mattock marked HB
HEALINGA.G.Healing LtdVicSpanners, bicycle block spanner
HELYHely Brothers Pty LimitedNSWHandles
HENDERSON'SHenderson's Hardware Pty LtdVicBar, sledge, various hammers inc. ball & cross pien
HENDERSON'SHenderson's Federal Spring WorksVicDouble o / e spanner assorted sizes
HENDERSON'SHenderson's Federal Spring Works P LNSWSpanner, Tyre levers, some small tools
HERCULESW H Wylie & CoSASocket wrench sets, lock jaw wrench, ratchet brace
HERGAQldSurveyors brass clinometer, surveyors steel tape
HFSWHenderson's Federal Spring WorksVicDouble o / e spanner assorted sizes
HI -TORQUEThe Stanley Works Pty LtdTasAll goods this class (8) inc screwdrivers
HILLMANJ.HillmanVicMiners Pick
HILLSGerard Industries LtdSASpanners, pressed steel ring spanners made for hills antennae Div. By Gererd Industries - Clipsal
HOBSONHobson Engineering CoNSWCircle cutter
HOLLANDS & GOREHollands & GloreNSWCarpenters bench screws
HOLLWAYJohn Hollway & SonsVicMachine tools, Precision & Hand tools
HOOKF.HookVicDrill stand (for P & N TEC)
HORDURAAnthony Hordern & Sons LimitedNSWEdged tools, builders and garden tools
HOWIET. HowieVicSpanner for Disc Plough
HUCKSONHuckson Diecastings Proprietary LtdVicDrill stand, soft face hammer
HUDSONF.L.Hudson & Co Pty LtdQldTube cutters, pullers, flaring tools
HUMMELW.HummelSARoofing set out square
HUNTAustralian Opt. Co Ltd SydneyNSWRoofing scale
HUSKYRepco LtdVicMechanics tools
HYCHROMEHytest Axe & Tool Pty LtdNSWAxes
HYTESTHytest Axe & Tool CoNSWTo many items to list - per master database
I. M.I M Works (I Mc Works)SACast Iron Glue Pots
I.H.C.International Harvester CorpVicCast iron farm spanners, auto wrenches, o/e forged spanners - AP prefix reputed to be made in Aus
I.K.Australian Drop ForgingAusknurling tool, 3 1/2" boiler makers clamp
IDEALF.R.Low Pty LtdNSWWood levels
IMPTool Equipment Co Pty LtdNSWDrills for rotary & percussion drilling machines inc rock & masonry drills
INDEMAIndema Pty LtdVicGrinding wheel
INDIS STOCK & DIE Co.Indis Stock & Die CoAusCarded Stocks & Dies
INDUSAG AusPower and Hand grease guns
INDUSTRIAL STEELSIndustrial Steels Pty LtdNSWAnvils
INSTANT INDUSTRIESInstant Industries Pty LtdVicmetal cased felt tip marking pen
INTERNATIONAL HARVESTERInternational Harvester Corp Geelong, Dandenong & Pt Melb.VicCast iron farm spanners, auto wrenches, o/e forged spanners - AP prefix reputed to be made in Aus
INVESTOInvesto Manufacturing Co Pty LtdNSWHand tools - numerous - per master database
IRONCOREIroncore Transformers Pty LtdVichot wire burner for wood pyrographics
ITSY - BITSYTurner Industries LtdVicTapes - measuring
J & SSiddons Drop Forgings ?VicMotor wrench (Ford)
J. M.J.Millerchip & Sons Pty LtdNSWPlumbers stock & dies
JACKSONJackson Tools Pty LtdVicTap wrenches, diestocks and precision tools
JAMES WATTJames WattVicTrammel points
JAMES WATT TOOLS 1Finlay Engineering Co Pty LtdVicCentre, nail, pin and hollow punches, cold chisles, hex key wrench, brass drift
JAMES WATT TOOLS 2Eric John ByronVicSpanners, punches, pliers, screwdrivers, files, vices, clamps, chisles, saws, sockets
JAMES, William JohnW.H.Blakeley (WJJ used WHB factory)VicWooden coffin, jack and poss german jack
JANG.N.Raymond LtdVicPlumbers pipe cutters & die sets, bolt cutters, vices, strap/wrenches etc
JARRETTH.J.JarrettSAAugers, earth - post hole
JASCOVicTap reseater, 3 sized cutters
JAXOS PRODUCTSJaxos Products Pty LtdNSWAbrasives, solid
JAY - BEEAusQuick release welding clamp
JAYBENJ. C. Benbow LtdSAPressed metal ringspanners, stud extractor, machine tools. Flaremaker flaring tools
JAY-EMJ.Millerchip & Sons Pty LtdNSWPlumbers stock & dies
JAYSONJ.Millerchip & Sons Pty LtdNSWPlumbers stock & dies
JENSSENG.E.Jenssen Co12" & 6" steel rule
JOHNSTON, WJW J JohnstonNSWLivestock ear marking pliers
JOHNSTON, WJW J JohnstonNSWLivestock ear marking pliers
JONESA G Jones - BlacksmithVicLarge "S" shaped blacksmith forged spanner
JONESVicSurgical clamp, tooth extraction pliers
JONES QldTrowel
JONES & HOOKEJones & HookeVicbronze (cold) chisel
JOPLINJoplin Brothers Pty LimitedNSWSaw vice, wood vice, also engineering and plumbers Tools
JOSEPH LIDDYJoseph Lidddy forAusStone remover horses hooves
K.B.C.K.B.C. (Vic) Pty LtdVicElec drills and accessories
K.B.C. LightburnLightburn & Co LtdNSWDowelling Jig, metal disc for sanding paper mounting
K.L.G.AusAutomotive tools - spark plug wrench
K.O.Keech Castings Pty LtdNSWClaw Hammer 20 & 24 onz
KANGAROOM Donaghy & Sons Pty LtdAusBricklayer's line - nylon
KARPENTERKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWClaw hammers
KBT LightburnLightburn & Co LtdNSWDowelling Jig, metal disc for sandpaper mounting
KEEFER PRODUCTSKeefer Bros Pty LtdVicPlane Blade and Chisel Honing Holder
KEENCUTKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWRacing Axes
KEESTEELKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWAxes / hatchets / hammers / tinsnips / multigrips / mattocks / baghooks / tailors shears
KELLYCyclone under licenceVic4 1/2 lb Axe heads, Axes, including the "Dandenong"
KELLY EngineeringKelly Engineering Co Pty LtdNSWPlumbers pipe cutters
KELSOAusWheel Barrows, hand trolleys etc
KEMPHORNEKempthorne Pty LtdVicBrass jewellers blowlamp - D^D 1943, hand operated grinding wheel
KENNEDYE. Kennedy Toolmaker MelbVicBlackwood bench planes, also chinese style plane
KILPATRICKKilpatrick & CoVicAll brass parallel / roller rule (made England)
KINCROMEKingchrome AustraliaVicHand tools fabricated from or plated with chromium
KINGP.J.KingVicname stamp (H.Wadsworth)
KING CUTTERKing Saw Manufacturing Pty LimitedNSWSaws, circular and band
KING HITKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWClaw and ballpien hammers
KING SAWKing Saw Manfrs Pty LtdNSWSaws
KIRBYF.L.Kirby & Co Pty LtdNSWSoldering Irons, rings mauls, scotch comb holders, assor tongs, farriers-pitchels, cold sets, flatters, fullers
KIRKBYF.L.Kirkby & Co Pty LtdNSWTongs, fullers, groovers, farriers tools, etc
KISMETKismet Engineering WorksQldAll steel fabricated vices
KISMETKismet Engineering WorksQldSteel "G" clamps, sash cramps, steel vices
KLAWKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWClaw and ballpien hammers
KLEERVUEAusAlloy 18" level, 2P & 1L Des 43902
KLIK FASTMarson Products Aust. PtyLtdNSWPop riveter
KNOCK & KIRBYKnock & Kirby (merchant)NSW9" wood, brass top level
KOGATANAQldHand forged knives, cabinet makers and carvers chisels
KRUSEVicManufacturer of saftey hold down devices (Axedale)
KUTALLKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWAxes
KWICKSETAus"G" clamp, quick adjust mechanism
KWIK RIPBentley Mfg. Co.VicFibro cement cutters
KWIKDRIVThe Stanley Works Pty Ltd (incorp Tas)VicHand tools in paticular drivers & bits for bolts/screws/fastners
L & MAus3" "G" Clamp, Concretors edging tool (range of concreting tools)
L. N. INSTRUMENTSL.N.InstumentsSAEngineers callipers, firm joint and spring
L. VA - CORAusTungston tipped ceramic tile scorer
LAKE & JONSENLake & Jonsen & Co SydneyNSWBallara Type Gauge
LANCOLane Cove Engineering CoNSWWatchmakers Staking Sets - 1 staking block-10 anvils-44 hardened punches
LANGDONDon LangdonNSWRacing Axes
LANRAYAusBlow lamps
LAPFASTNSWHand valve grinder - recipricating type
LASSETTERF. Lassetter & Co LimitedNSWAnimal ear marking pliers
LAWRENSONR.H.Lawrenson (Die Casting) LtdNSWGarden Scissors
LEADERLeader Handle CoQldHandles
LEADERTurner Industries LtdVicTapes - measuring
LEADERTAGAusHole punch, possibly hole for livestock "ear" tag
LEIGHTONLeightonAusSet scale rules
LENNON H.Hugh Lennon Plow & Machine CoVicImplement spanners etc
LEWCOLewco IndustriesVicBreast drills,
LIFETIMEAus"G" clamp (hardened aluminium), carpenter's vice
LIGHTBURN KBCLightburn & Co LtdNSWDowelling Jig, 1-10 ton hydraulic jacks, etc per file
LIGHTNINGLightning Fruit Grader Co - (Fruit Graders & Agricultural Implements), 510 Albion St BrunswickVicImplement spanners etc, incl hammer / spanner combo
LIGHTNING FILESWiltshire File Company Pty LtdVicFiles
LILLEYLilley BrosVicHog ring pliers (or fencing)
LILLINGTON & SMITHLillington & Smith Instrument Mfg CoNSW"Adept" dial indicators
LINBIDEAusFibro score and snapknife
LINLEYThos B LinleyNSWMoulding planes, large turning gouge, 7/8"chisel blade
LINOAKSA"A beautiful pair of pliers"
LITCHFIELDLitchfield Engineering Pty LtdSAHand tools - hand operated, many motor mechanical tools
LITTLE BOOSTERThe Booster Mfg CoVicFloor Cramps
LOCHGRIPReginald Charles DuiganVicWire Strainer, also improved tube spanner pat 4570/31
LOCK TOOLSLock Tool Co of Australia Pty LtdVicWrenches, "G" clamps, long jaw pipe vice, bolt cutters, cross pein hammer
LOFTG.F.Loft & SonsVicTongs
LOFTR.H.LoftVicTool manufacturer
LOKmaticTurner Industries LtdVicTape rule
LOWF.R.Low Pty LtdNSWWood levels
LUDOWICINSWSoft Face Hammer (rolled leather)
LUFKINTurner Industries LtdVicTape Measuress
LUXRAYWilliam Henry MatthewsNSWHand tools and instruments
LYDDYWm. Day & SonsVicStone remover horses hooves
LYNDONW.A.Lyndon Warranted SoxxxxQldMortice Axe
LYSAGHTLysaght Works Pty LimitedNSWSaws-rip, hand, panel, tenon and circular, series machettes, knives, small tools etc. per adv.on file
M.H. = Massey HarrisAusSpanners and wrenches for tractors and implements
M.H.S.Massey Harris (Sunshine)VicMotor wrench D^D
M.S.S.The Melbourne Saw Manuf. Co P/LViccircular saw blades
M.T.RJames McEwan & Co Pty Ltd - MerchantVicCoffin smoother, 1/2"sidebead, dado moulding planes, small framesaw, stop chamfer plane
MACSONMcPherson's Proprietary LimitedVicEdge tools all kinds, spanners, engineers vices, cold chisels assorted, machinery, lathe tools and spanners for same
MAGPIETitan Manf Co ?AusWire strainer, improved
MAJESTICDis.by Majestic Products LimitedNSWRazor blade small diecast plane, adjustable hobby vice, all purpose sharpener
MAJORF & R ToughWAChrome plated all metal braces - 10",12",14" ratchet
MALCOMalco Engineering Pty LtdNSW2 1/2", 4", 5" & 8" "G" Clamps, Concrete forming tools, axe handle protector
MALCOMalco Engineering Pty LtdNSW8"'G' clamps, concrete forming tools
MALCOMalleable Castings Pty LtdNSWDrum hand pump and plug wrench (bung spanner) and other spanners and wrenches
MALLEYSMalleys LtdVicMetal Tool Boxes
MALVINMalvin Engineering Co Pty LtdVicCircular saw blades
MANNJohn MannVic28" mahogany & brass (surveyors) level, brass sliding bevel
MAOCecil E. Mayo Pty LimitedNSWBraces (ratchet & plain), T type wrenches, plumb bobs, trammels, hand/breast drills, marking gauges
MAR - COVicSteel tape measure (self marking)
MARBUTMarbut Forged AxesAusAxe, brass backed tenon saw,
MARBUTMarbut Engineering Proprietary LtdVicAxes, adzes and chisles, also engineering items per 88972 class 6
MARDONRoe Mardon ?NSWME36 black nylon ruler 4 fold
MARKRITESidchromeAusTape measure - pat pend
MARMACMarsden & McGainVicBreast drill
MARMANMartin & Manning Pty LtdVicNo 240 - 24" alloy level, line level (black plastic - metal ends), 8" bakelite - green level, crosscut saw, sharpening guide
MARSDENLysaght Works LimitedNSWSaws hand and circular, machettes, knives, small tools
MARSDEN & McGAINMarsden & McGain Pty LtdVicBreast drills
MARSONMarson Products (Australia) Pty LtdNSWPop rivert hand pliers HP-2 and HP-4
MARTINMAKERSMartinmakersVicTap reseater
MASONITEMasonite Corporation Pty Limited (for)NSWAlloy chamfer plane, assorted masonite working tools
MASPROMasproNSWClips for wire netting - closing pliers
MASPROMaspro Industries PtyLtdNSWHand tools and instruments
MASSEY FERGUSONMassey FergusonVicSpanners and wrenches for implements and tractors
MASSEY HARRISMassey Harris Co LtdVicSpanners and wrenches for implements and tractors
MASSEY HARRIS FERGUSONMassey Harris FergusonVicSpanners and wrenches for implements and tractors
MASTERThe Stanley Works Pty LtdVicAuger bits, boring tools etc
MASTERCecil E. Mayo Pty LimitedNSWTry / mitre squares - cast iron handles
MASTER FINISHA.G.PulieNSWPlasters floats, concretors floats edgers etc
MASTER TOOLDufre Products Pty LimitedNSWMuch including hand tools, per (548388 class 8)
MATADORBeck & Coram Pty Ltd - MerchantVicSimilar to Becon
MATTHEWSG.A.MatthewsNSWPlumb Bobs
MAY BROS or MAYSMay BrosSAFarm machinery, harvesters, spanners for same
MAYOCecil E. Mayo Pty LtdNSWDrill gauges, hand & breast drills,
Mc EMc E ?? - AlburyNSWHorses hoof shave / knife
Mc EMc E ??VicHorses hoof shave / knife
McCONNELL (Robert)McConnell InventionsQldMany Patents - several variations metal plane, drill bits, vice etc
McCULLOCHMcCullochAusChain saw file, sharpening jig/guide - No 90607A
McDONALDW. McDonaldQldHandles
McEWANJames McEwan & Co Pty Ltd - MerchantVicHand tools including socket sets, multigrips pliers and adjustable spanners, o/e spanners
McGAINJohn McGainNSWMachine vices Wringers Vice No 234
McILMOURVicStonemasons axe
McINTOSHClive McIntoshNSWLog marking hammer - cast
McKAYH.V.McKayVic12" Bolt cutters, cane cutter, billhook, spanners & wrenches
McKAY 1McKay BrothersVic
McKAY 2McKay Harvesting & Machinery CoVic
McKAY 3H.V.McKay Sunshine Harvester WorksVic12" Bolt Cutters, Cane cutter/Billhook
McKAY MASSEY HARRISMcKay Massey Harris Pty LtdVicAugers, earth - post hole
McKAY MASSEY HARRISH V McKay Massey Harris P/LVicSpanners and wrenches for tractors & implements
McKAY, H.V.H.V.McKay, Hugh V McKay (Sunshine)VicSpanners and wrenches for implements and tractors, twist wire handled monkey wrench
McKENZIE & HOLLANDMcKenzie & Holland (Aust) Pty LtdQldSpanners for Railway signalling equipment(A Foundry)
McLAREN 1Jas McLarenVicCoffin shaped (open and closed handles) and parallel sided wood infill planes, smoothers, all blackwood
McLAREN 2Jas McLarenVicSmall narrow shoulder plane inscribed J McLaren Nov 1891 & larger shoulder plane with round mark -
McPHERSONMcPherson's LtdVicMachine Vices, Lathe tools, spanners marked "MACSON"
MECOMetro Engineering CoVicMorticing drill / chisel attatchment
MECOReg.Harrison Pty LtdNSWMotor, engineering and hardware hand tools with cutting edges wadpunch 286, 289,Brake lining clamp, star nut brake tool, brake spring pliers, M340 clip pliers, 3/4" cold chisel
MEDISHIELDThe Commonwealth Industrial Gases LtdVicWelding Goggles (Oxy)
Melb Saw Mnfg Co Pty LtdThe Melb Saw Mnfg Co Pty LtdVicCircular saw blade
MELBOURNE MOTOR BODYMelbourne Motor Body CoVic"G" clamp
MELBSAWThe Melbourne Saw Co Pty LtdVicCircular saw blades
MELTOC. W. GrahamNSWHacksaw frames, "G" clamps
MEMMetal Equipment Manufacturers Pty LtdNSWFastgrip spanner, tinsnips, multigrips, hammers, shears - bench planes - "Pacific MEM"
METAL EQUIPMENT MANUFMetal Equipment Manufacturers Pty LtdNSW9" metal smoother, No 5 jack, tinsnips and fast grip spanners, handvices
METAL PROCESSORSMetal Processors LimitedNSWClaw,ballpien,joiners,crosspein Hammers (Manufactured under American License)
METAL SPECIALITIESMetal Specialities CoNSWSpanner sets
METALCRAFTMetalcraft Engineering Co Pty LtdNSWBraces, hand/breast/push drills, trowels, hammers - Made for Silex Mit-A-Mit
METALCRAFT logoDie Casters Pty LtdVic
METALCRAFT logoSpurway Industries Pty LtdVic
METROMetro Engineering CoVic"Meco" Morticing attatchment
METTERSMetters KFB Pty LtdVicLead Pots, solder moulds, wire strainers
MEZURALLTurner Industries LtdVicTapes - measuring
MEZURMATICTurner Industries LtdVicTapes - measuring
MICARBOAusSoft face hammer - alloy handle, nylon faces
MICRONMicron Products Pty LtdQldMetal shear attachment for electric drill
MICRO-SETThe Sutton Tool & Gauge Mfg Pty LtdVicAdjustable reamer (parallel)
MIDDLETONG. Middleton & CoVicQuick Sight Level, Sash plane, dado plane, set round & hollows Atkin & Son etc
MILLERMiller - CycloneVicRacing axe marked "Handforged for Ralph Cornwall" and on reverse "Handforged by P.C.Miller"
MILLERJames MillerVicRope gauge, boxwood, anchor trademark
MILLERJ.P.MillerVicWad punch - elongated hole
MILLER CYCLONEMiller Cyclone Forgings Pty LtdVicHand forged axes, adze eye, ball pean, shoe maker, panel beaters, upholsterers hammer, pliers
MILLER, CameronC.R.Miller PlanesVicSpecialist planes, spoke shaves, chisels, marking gauges & clamps
MILLERCHIPJ.Millerchip & Sons Pty LtdNSWPlumbers stock & dies, pipecutters & vices
MINDRILLMindrill Ltd, McKay QldQld18 in Ridgid type plumbers / mining wrench, heavy duty, made in Australia
MINIMAXBeck & Coram Pty Ltd - MerchantVicScrewdrivers, pliers, wrenches, spanners, grinders, punches, hammers, rules, awls, cutters, drills, saws
MINIMAX PRECISION TOOLSBeck & Coram Pty Ltd - MerchantVic(per catalogue)
MINORF & R ToughWABakelite handles braces, ratchet & non ratchet
MINTERNMintern Products P/L RichmondVicBlock & o/e No 3 Spanner, implement spanners, Shovel, long handled, hand plough.
MINTERN & BREHAUTMintern & Brehaut Pty LtdVicAg machinery
MIT-A-MITNSWNo25+26R (ratchet )handdrills, 40 heavy handdrill, 45+50+55 breastdrill, 52 benchdrill, No 75 - 10", No 80 - 10" & 12", No 85 - 10" (plain), possibly No 100 - 10", 12" & 14" carpenters braces
MITCHELLThos. Mitchell & Co Pty LtdVicBrush manufacturers
MITER - MASTERL.G.PimblettNSWCombination - Miter marking out-dowel & drill diameter gauge-marking gauge
MODELAusSliding bevel
MOFFAT VIRTUENSWSpanner for shearing equipment & stationary engines
MONARCHMetal Equipment Manufacturers Pty LtdNSWHandtools, hammers, pliers etc
MONKEYTrewhalla Bros Pty LtdVicWire strainers & other fencing tools, jacks
MOOREVicDog bone wire strainer
MORLEYLawn mower sharpener
MORLEY PRODUCTSMorley ProductsVicDrainpipe Cleaner
MORRISMorris Manufacturing CoVic7/8" sidebead, round moulder, coffin smoother and complex moulding plane (all Beech)
MUMMEH W MummeSA1" cold chisel, plugging chisel
MUMMEMumme Products PtyLtdSACold & plugging chisles, roof punch, wrecking & podger bars, crow & pinch bars, file handles
MUNROMunro Engineers Pty LtdVicShearers handpiece screwdriver
MURNANEJohn Joseph MurnaneVicWire Strainer
MURRUMBURRAHNSW"S" spanner - blacksmith made - possibly from the town or station of that name in NSW
MYERAssume Myers MelbourneBedstead Spanner
MYERSMyers & Co Pty LtdQldCattle marking pliers (and Brands), dies, steel stamps
N.I.P.National Industries Pty LtdNSWWoodworkers vice, bench screw, bench grinder, 110 block plane, manufacturers of small tools
N.I.P.National Industries Pty LtdNSWWoodworkers vice, bench screw, bench grinder, block plane, manufacturers of small tools
NAILMASTERCyclone Forgings Pty LimitedVicHammers including farriers, carpenters adze eye, magnetic tack, ballpean, shoemaker, panelbeaters, shifting wrench, nail pullers, punches, bits, pincers
NAILMASTER PCMMiller Cyclone Forgings Pty LimitedVicShifting wrench, nail pullers, punches, bits, pincers, hammers
NATIONAL logoNational Twist Drill Tool CompanyAusTwist drills, counterbores, saws, reamers and cutters etc
NBL Classic logoNorman Baker & Longhurst Pty LtdNSWHand tools and implements, many per (410172 class 8)
NETTLEFOLDT.S.Nettlefold & Sons Pty LtdVicHandtools and instruments
NEWCOMBEAusAxe, adze handles - Australian hardwood
NICHOLLSA.E.NichollsVic"Barin" machine tools
NICHOLSPercy NichollsTasClosed handle 3 reed moulding plane
NICHOLSONNicholson WiltshireAusFiles (Handyfile)
NICHOLSONAusStar drill
NIELSONN.O.Neilson & CoNSWEarmarking Pliers (animal)
NIVEKKevin MeyerVicAxes
NOLAN SHANNONNolan Shannon & CoAusSecateurs "Shearcut"
NOLEXNolex Engineering Co LtdWALathe Tool Holder
NORTHEY & BELLNorthey & BellVicWire dispensing and cutting off special application pliers
NORTHGATENorthgate Handle CoQldHandles
NSWTDNew South Wales Transport DepartmentNSWRange of spanners and wrenches
NUTMASTERR.E.Jeffries & CompanyNSWTools without a cutting edge, sockets and wrenches
O. K. LOCKLock Tool Co of Australia Pty LtdVicKnurling tool - holder,
OATESVicWire brush (5 row) Value Brazing
OGDENVicHandmower, Engineers Surface Gauge, Lockwood locks
OLDFIELDH. Oldfield & Son Pty LtdNSWpaint & varnish brushes
OLDFIELDH. Oldfield & Son Pty LtdNSWPaint & varnish brushes - Streamline, Superba, Bondza, Super Hawk, Sign Cutter
OLIVERE. J. Oliver & SonsWATool handles
OSBORNH. Osborne Pty LtdVicHigh speed steel drills
P & HP & H ToolsSAInside and outside callipers
P & NPatience & Nicholson Pty LtdVicDrills, taps, dies, etc - per main database
P & R ASSEMBLERSQldWire strainer, copy of Reids TITAN (NZ)
P & SAus6" spring dividers
P. & L. WELDED PRODUCTSP & L Welded ProductsVicFabricated Engineers Vices
P. P. B. logoP.P.B.Steel Products Pty LtdVicHacksaw, bandsaw blades and edge tools
P.C.H.P. C. HallstromNSWEngineers bearing scraper
P.C.M. Miller cycloneMiller Cyclone Forgings Pty LtdVicHand forged axes, various hammer, pliers
P.K.VicBench vice
P.T.P.T.Industries Pty LtdVic"G" clamps, toggle clamps, wrenches etc
PACEMAKERPacemaker EngineeringVicDrill stands, plastic, different colours and models, imp - metric - letters
PACIFIC MEM TOOLS SYDNEYMetal Equipment Manufacturers Pty LtdNSW9" metal smoother, No 5 jack
PAGPaul and Gray Pty LtdVic
PARBURY HENTYParbury Henty & Co Pty LtdVicBreast & Hand drills
PARCOParco (A/asia) CompanyNSWPliers, spanners - "high quality tools"
PAREXLitchfield Engineering Co LtdSA"G" clamps, tinsnips, secateurs, scissors and shears
PARK & LACEYNSWSwivel base / jaws Vice
PARRAMATWilliam Henry MatthewsNSWHand tools being goods in this class (8)
PARSONSA.E.Parsons Insrument MakerVicDevice - wood etc
PARSONSA.E.Parsons Insrument MakerVicSighting level - brass 15cm long, 300ft Surveyors tape
PASTORAL SUPPLIESPastoral SuppliesSAAnimal ear punch
PAUL & GRAYPaul and Gray Pty LtdVic
PAULCALLPaul's Pty Ltd (merchants)NSWRoofing punch, drillstand, "G" clamps, sashclamp ends, bricklayers line spike
PAULCALL CENTURIONPaul's Pty Ltd (merchants)NSWHand tools and instruments Hacksaw
PAULCOPaul's Pty Ltd (merchants)NSWGarden and domestic tools inc files, hatchets and axes. Impact Driver
PAVLISAusMulti function level
PEACOCKS PYRAMIDWilliam J PeacockVicDuralium Roofing Square, wooden marking & mitre gauges, mitre box
PEE WEETurner Industries LtdVicTapes - measuring
PELICAN KeesteelKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWShears dressmaking
PENDERPender Bros LtdNSWApiarist's (honey comb) knife
PERCIMILLP.C.Miller Forgings Pty LtdVicHand tools, ballpien hammer
PERRYJohn Perry Pty LtdAusEngineer's hammer handle - spotted gum
PERRYVicImplement spanner
PETERS & PETERSPeters and PetersVic(Slate) sharpening stone
PETERS (Peterson)S.G.Peters (Peterson)VicRoofing frame mark out measuring devices, Adjustable Template Pat 155206 - Prop measuring rod.
PETERSONVic12" Cooks Knife & Slasher - patent 23223 / 35 or 36. Chris Vesper has seen Garden Hoe
PETHERKeefer Bros Pty LtdVicPlane Blade and Chisel Honing Holder
PHILLIPSPhillips Electrical Industries of Aus P LNSWElectric Soldering Irons
PIMBLETT - HOBARDNSWMitre/drill/angle/gauge
PIONEERPioneer Forest Products Pty LtdNSWEngineer's hammer handles (two types - both spotted gum
PIONEERTrojan Pty LimitedVicHand tools and gardening tools, many per (438175 class 8)
PIPERRichard J. PiperNSWEngineering tools - tapping chucks, stocks & dies, lathe centres
PLANEWORKS(Anton Gerner &) Les GrossVicPlanes, quality infills - current maker ?
PLASTAMASTERJohn Shaw (Australia) Pty LtdNSWPlasterer's trowels
PLUMBW.H.PlumbNSWTo many items to list - per master database
POPEPope Products LimitedSABench planes, spokeshaves, hand drills etc
PORT ADELAIDEPORT ADELAIDE Implement WorksSASpanners, sets and implement spanners
PORTERHenry Disston & Sons Inc. (Austr) LtdNSW
POWELLRaleigh Engineering CoVicFlat and round face spokeshaves
POWER GRIPSiddons Industries LimitedVicSpanners, wrenches, screwdrivers, adj spanners & socket spanners
POWERLANCEBush Saw -folding - 3 blades
PRAGERHacksaw frame
PRECISIONNSWSurveyors steel band "chain" grip
PRECISION INSTRUMENTPrecision Instrument CoNSWParallel Rule, nickled brass in box
PREMIER BROOMPremier Broom Manufacturing CoyQldManufacturers of all grade Millet Brooms
PRESIDENT SCREWLITERPresident Products Pty LtdNSWScrewdrivers
PRESSURE JETAusBakelite pressure Jet Oil Can
PRICEJ & A PriceVicCoffin smoother
PRICE & HAYPrice & HayNSWSoldering Irons
PRO CUTPro Cut MitreAusDie cast mitre guide
PROAXEGeoff & Gary MeyerVicAxes
PRO-LINESiddons Industries LimitedVicSpanners, wrenches, screwdrivers, adj spanners & socket spanners
PROTECHAusSpanner o/e - ring
PROTECTORProtector Safely Pty LimitedNSWWelding Goggles (Oxy)
PUCKA logoA.W.Jackson Metals Proprietary LimitedVicShovels, spades, forks, picks, rakes, hoes, mattocks and trowels
PUNCHBONDKorbond Industries Pty LtdNSWEyelet punch
PYRAMIDWilliam J PeacockVicWood mitre box, mortice gauge (aluminium slide & screw), marking gauge, roofing square (duralium)
Q.P.C.Quality Patterns & CastingsVicAluminium plane handles / knob, saw & file handles, glue pots, hacksaw frame
Q.P.C.(3)Quality Patterns & CastingsVicMeat presses - MP2-1 (No 2), (No14), RH9-3 & H14-4,, flour scoop-7,10,
QUADSTAYBentley Mfg. Co.VicScaffold Brackets
QUADSTAYThe Booster Mfg CoVicScaffold Brackets
QUALCASTQualcast Mowers, FootscrayVicCast and Flat spanners
QUICKSITEG. Middleton & Co Pty LtdVicSight thru level (brass square tube)
R & BAusAlloy steel "G" clamps,(similar to Pauls - merchants)
R & R Tool CoR & R Tool CoAusWire Strainer - tensioner
R.A.C.CRobert A. Canaghan & CompanyNSWWoodworking tools
R.J.W.SydneyR.J.W.NSWVarious saws, coping, various ( 5 sightings) hacksaw frames, pruning hacksaw
R.M.G.R.M.GIBSON Pty LtdVicSpiral Drills - Patent non slip shank
R.V.B.RVB Engineering Products LimitedVicTyre pressure gauges Car horns, pressure gauges and automotive components
RACERHytest Axe & Tool Pty LtdNSWAxes and hatchets
RAFTAGRAFH.H.MeyersNSWCardboard slide wheel for roofing (with cut out section to read calculations)
RAGLAN TOOL & ENG.Raglan Tool & Engineering CoNSWHigh tensile handcuff wrench No 1 and No 2
RALEIGHRaleigh Engineering Co Pty LtdVicMachine tools
RALLOYBingham Bros Plastics Pty LtdNSWHand tools and instruments, & parts of all such goods whether made from natural or synthetic material
RAMRODRamrod Tool CoVicHand tools including spanners, files, screwdrivers, punches, pliers, saws, sockets and accessories etc
RAPBLORapid Forge CoNSWForge blower, hand crank
RAPCORapid Forge CoNSWForge blower, hand crank
RAPID BRapid Forge CoNSWForge blower
RAPID CUTGreen Brothers & Miller Pty LtdVicEngineers cutters etc
RAYMONDG.N.Raymond Pty LtdVicShoe making lasts and knifes / cutters etc
RED POINTRed Point Tool Co Pty LtdVic
REGARega Pty LtdNSWOil cans, football inflator, sprays
REGALTurner Industries LtdVicHacksaws, screwdrivers and other tools
REIDSAusWire Strainer
RELIANCENash Merchants Pty LtdNSWPliers, spanners, wrenches and, hand tools and instruments
RELIANCE BRUSH WORKSReliance Brush Works (H.J.Wyld)NSWBrushes and brooms, sweep, horse, boat, whitewash, tar & others, bellows
REPCORepco LimitedVicEngineering and carpenters tools, hammers and wrenches
REPETITIONRepetition Manufacturing CoNSWMachine Vices
REXRex HardwareVicCarpenters squares, braces, hand & breast drills, marking gauges
REXELL. & E. RichardsonVicMarking gauges, draughtsmen's T squares
RICHARDSONJ.S.Richardson & Co Pty LtdNSWBench & Post drills
RICHARDSOND Richardson & Sons Pty LtdVicPlane blade sharpening jig
RICHMOND-logoBowater Tutt Industries Pty LimitedVicHand tools including hammers and much much more per (B373780 class 8)
RIDEXRidex Engineering & Plastic MldgsNSWBakelite marking gauge - Design No 26129
RIDGIDG.N.Raymond Ltd Engineering GroupVicGenuine RIDGID Reg User Pipe Tools Made In Australia
RIDGIDRidgid Tool Aust. Pty LtdVicPlumbers dies, cutters, wrenches etc
RILEYAusYatchsman's shackle key - screwdriver combination
RITCHRitch EngineeringVicTension Wrench
RITERite Precision InstrumentsAus"Inclinolevel", handled device to measure degree of angle
RIVER LETTAus Government Lithgow Small ArmsNSWHand Saw
ROBBINSRoss Robbins & CoAusBrass box hatchet marked Shell Co
ROBERTSONPeter Robertson HandlampVicPlumbers Lamp
ROBILTAusPlug spanner - waste pipe I.O.s
ROBINCRAFTRobincraftNSWElectric Soldering Irons
ROBINSONH.E.Robinson & SonsNSWCarpenters plane blade & chisel sharpener
ROBINSONHarry E. RobinsonNSWElectric Soldering Irons
ROBINSONDiamond EngineeringNSWR2D 240V 100W electric soldering iron
ROBLEYRobley Engineering Co Pty LtdVicVices
RODDG & R RoddVicGauge, Go - Nogo
ROERoe Mardon ?NSW66ft white steel tape
ROERoe Measuring Tools (Aust) Pty LtdNSWMeasuring Tapes, Long and Short, pull-push pocket, automatic power brake, Black Nylon 3ft 4 fold rule
ROE MARDONRoe Mardon ?NSWRM3 Rule black nylon 3' 4 fold
ROESZLERVicBookbinders Roll 4 1/4" diameter 'leaf' pattern
ROJOC.F.Rojo & Sons Pty LtdVicBench planes - own use, wooden handles for Gregsteel knives
ROKSETRokset Industries Pty LtdSAPaint brush makers
ROLLER RATCHETThe Stanley Works Pty LtdVicForward - reverse ratchet screwdriver
RONOCORonoco Engineering Design & Supply CNSW
ROSS & xxxxRoss & ???Vic"Shell Oil " brass head hatchet
ROTA COTARota Cota Pty LtdNSWPaint rollers
ROTA-logoThe Stanley Works Pty LtdVicMetal Tool Boxes
ROTA-logoSinclair & Powell Pty LtdVicMetal tool boxes
ROUTLEY & WIGZELLRoutley & WigzellSAElectric Soldering Irons
ROVERQldRover mower wrench - diecast
ROXVicGrease Gun
ROYALRoyal Sovereign Pencil Co (Aus--) LtdNSWCarpenter's pencil
ROYALTurner Industries LtdVicTapes - measuring
ROYLER.G.RoyleVicSraper blade, 1 1/4" wide. handled
ROYMACO. R. Cormack Pty LtdNSWHand tools and instruments
RUDDJ.H.Rudd & Co Pty LtdVicCastrating device / pliers
RUFAWilliam J PeacockVicWood mitre box, mortice gauge, marking gauge, roofing square (duralium)
RULEX 1Rulex Pty LtdVicNo 1106 Dressmakers square,
RULEX 2B Smith & Sons Pty LtdVicProtractors, set and T squares, squares & geometry angles
RULEX-TRULINEVicStraight wooden rules - current maker
RUSHFORDS. RushfordVicExpanding Reamer
RYANF & T Ryan BrosVic3" square leather punch
RYCOW.L.Ryan Pty LtdVicTon grip wrench, valve spring depressor
RYLANDRyland Brothers (Australia) Pty LtdVic
RYSETF & T Ryan Bros Pty LtdHorticultural & gardening hand tools Garden secateurs
S & TVicSaw with Vic Rail VR mark, Maker or supplier or what?
S. S. & K. CoAusCircular saw blade
S. SMART & HARLEYS.Smart & HarleySACoopers plucker shave
S.D.FSiddons Drop ForgingsVicRange O/E spanners, motor wrench (Ford)
S.E.M.E.S.E.M.E.AusElectric Glue Pot PS169 aluminium
S.T. & GSutton Tool & Gauge Mfg CoVicTaps and dies, engineers tooling
S.T.G.Braemar S.T.G. Pty LtdNSWGrease gun
SABCOSouth Australian Brush Co LtdSABrushes paint etc.
SABREP.P.B.Steel Products Pty LtdVic"Sabre" multipurpose saws
SAF(1)C of A - Department of Munitions SAFVicKnives, machetes, saws, shears, cutting pliers, slashers, sickles, scythes, pruners, furze-reap-bush-bill-fern hooks, hammer heads, picks, mattocks, hoes, wood wedges, brick hammers, hatchet, axes and adze heads, choppers, chisels, planes, plane irons, cane+hay knives, cane bills.
SAF(2)Lithgow Small Arms FactoryNSWper Gyrex and Zircalloy entries
SAF-LOKLithgow Small Arms FactoryNSWHand cuffs
SAF-SHEARLithgow Small Arms FactoryNSWPruning shears
SAMPLE ENGINEERINGSample Engineering Co Pty LtdNSWWrenches, spanners
SAMPSONSamson Spray Equipment Pty LimitedNSWAll types of air equipment, Spray Guns, spanner used with spray gun
SAVAGENSWLondon Pattern Screwdriver, Beech handle - poor merchant stamp
SAVAGEW.Savage & Co Pty LtdAusShovels and Spades
Savage, G TPresume SavageAusLondon pattern screwdriver, beech handle -it may be a merchant's mark.
SAVCOSavco Pest and Weed ControlQldPoison Axe
SAVE EDGEWiltshire File Company Pty LtdVicFile
SAWMASTERNelson & Co Pty LtdNSWHand saws
SAXONSaxon Engineering & Metal Co Pty LtdVic"T" bar and sash cramps
SCHRADERSchraderAusCar tyre valve tool, tyre pressure gauges
SCHULTZ & HILLSchultz & HillAusSlip joint pliers, Aust Pat no
SCOTT & SONScott and Sons Pty LtdVicShovels and Spades, wedges
SCOTT BONNARAusMower wrenchs - diecast & sheet metal
SCREWMASTERCyclone Forgings Pty LtdVicScrew Drivers
SEBCOPatience & Nicholson Pty LtdVicPercussion drills, hammer twist drills, star drills, hand chucks
SELECT-PLANERDistributed by Majestic Products LtdNSWRazor blade small diecast plane, adjustable hobby vice, all purpose sharpener
SELFORDThe Selford CoVicDrawknife
SEPCOSpecialised Engineering ProductsCoVicMilling cutters, reamers, broaches, slitting saws etc
SERALOCKTool Equipment Co Pty LtdNSWMetal cutting tools
SERAWEDGETool Equipment Co Pty LtdNSWMetal cutting tools
SERVEXAustralian Indicators Pty LtdVicRange of aftermarket motor mechanic's tools and fixtures - Cylinder (pressure) Gauge etc
SERVEX ELECTICALServex Electrical Co Pty LtdVicElectric Soldering Irons
SERVICEKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWClaw and ballpien hammers
SERVICEService RuleNSWSchool rule - metric & imp
SHAMANCOP.S.Sharman & CoVicNo 340 mini plow cp and painted, blockplane, "G"clamps, forge blower
SHAWJohn Shaw Pty LtdNSW2" & 2 3/8" plane blade, HSS tip bronzed to main body of blade
SHEARCUTNolan Shannon & CoAusSecateurs
SHEARERDavid DhearerSAFarm Implement spanners
SHEARERJohn Shearer & Sons LimitedSAFarm Implement spanners
SHERSher Power Tools Pty LtdVicImplement spanner - pressed steel, galvanised o / e, Series elec hand tools & Accessories
SHETACKG.P.Embelton & Co (Aus Agent)VicThe "Shetack" Saw sheet hacksaw frame
SID CHROME, also DSF and EGVSiddons Drop ForgingsVicSidchrome - spanners
SID-ALLOYSiddons Industries LimitedVicSpanners, wrenches and other tools
SID-CHROMESiddons Industries LimitedVicSidchrome - Open end and ring spanners
SIDCHROME SABRE (SABER)Siddons Ramset LimitedVicSidchrome - Hand tools of all kinds in this class
SIDCHROMETRICSiddons Industries LtdVicAll goods Class 8 Trade mark imfo
SIDCOR.Siddons Proprietary LimitedVicLocks, including padlocks
SIDDONSSiddons Industries LimitedVicSpanners, wrenches and other tools
SIDDONS DROP FORGINGSSiddons Drop Forgings LtdVicSidchrome - Metal goods not included in other classes 93944 class 13
SIDDONS POWER GRIPSiddons Industries LimitedVicSidchrome Tools
SIDDONS PRO LINESiddons Industries LimitedVicSidchrome Tools
SIDDONS DROP FORGINGSSiddons Drop Forgings Pty LtdVicSpanners, wrenches and other tools
SIDDONS LOCK & TOOLSiddons Lock and Tool CoVicAdjustable shifters, Locks
SIDES & SKINNERSides & Skinner (Aust)NSWPruning shears. Hacksaw frames
SIDLOCKSiddons Distributors Pty LtdVicMortice latches, door & cabinet catches and similar builders hardware
SIDMASTERSiddons, John RoystonVicHand tools and instruments particularly industrial stapling appliances
SILEXHoward F Hudson Pty Ltd (merchant)NSWDrills & braces, squares/bevels, marking gauges, etc
SILVER KINGKing Saw Manufacturing Pty LimitedNSWSaws, circular and band
SIMMONDS AEROCESSORIESSimmonds Aerocessories Pty LtdVicBlock plane, S548 plane, S504 Compass, flat file (Aus Pat 144430), several other
SIMPSONA. Simpson & Son LimitedSACast spanner - bed type
SIRDARScrewdriver (blue/purple) plastic handle
SIRIUSE. Esdaile & SonsNSWDrawing instruments, survey instruments
SKATEJ.H.Skate Patentee and MakerVicThe "Skate" Shearing and Punching Machines (metal)
SKILSkil Australia Pty LtdVicElectric Hand tools, spanners for
SKINNER'SCyclone Co of Australia LimitedVicHand tools and implements, spades, shovels, crow-bars and hammers
SKIPPER SAWSkipper Saw Company Pty LimitedNSWAll classes of saws, circular saws
SLASHBesser (Qld) LimitedQldSpotted gum hammer & hatchet handle
SLIDENSliden ProductsNSWSimple pressed steel spanner for door furniture
SMALL & SHATTELLSmall & ShattellBread & Biscuit Machinery & Bake House utensils of all kinds.
SMELLIEQldGrinding Wheel - Stand / wet sandstone
SMITHB.Smith & SonsVicBoxwood 12" scale rule
SMITHA. SmithNSWCaulking chisel
SMITHS.C.SmithVicSchool type plywood protractor-geometry angles
SMITH & BATESmith and Bates (Aust)VicShave hooks, paperhangers tools
SOMERSSomers Made in AustraliaAusCylinder Deglazing Hone - Model A 34 - 2" to 4 1/2"
SOMMERSH. SommersNSWCaulking chisel
SOUTHERN CROSSConnollyNSW1/8 x 3/16 o/e spanners also marked Connolly
SOUTHERN CROSSToowoomba Foundry Pty LtdQldBlowpipes, edgetools and implements
SPARKSAusHand / Bench Grinder
SPEAR & JACKSONSpear & Jackson AustraliaAusPlastic garden rake
SPEEDLINEKempthorneAusHand cranked grinder
SPEEDSCREWBentley Mfg. Co.VicFloor cramps
SPRINGSHenderson Springs ??VicDouble o / e spanner
SPRINGSHenderson's Federal Spring WorksVicDouble o / e spanners assorted sizes
SPRINGVALE MANUF.Springvale Manufacturing Co Pty LtdVicSaw sharpening vice
SPRINGVALE SAWSpringvale Saw CoVicSaw sharpening vice
SPURWAYSpurway Industries Pty LtdNSWSR1 pop rivitor, ST 10 blind rivet plier,
SRANSWState Rail Authority of NSWNSWOld type adjustable (Monkey) Wrench - well made
STAEDTLERAusLead pencil
STANDARDWillis Industrial Supplies Pty LtdAus"Standard" levelling instument
STANDARD SURGICALStandard Surgical & DentalVicPliers
STANDENTSpecialist drifts, awl
STANDFASTThomas Buddin Pty LtdNSWStandfast Rotary D-Scaler, 5" rubber sanding disc (Patent Pending)
STANLEYThe Stanley Works Pty LtdVicPer catalogues etc
STANLEYE & F Stanley Pty LtdRouter bits & Cutters
STANLEY - TITANStanley-Titan Pty LtdTasPer Catalogues etc
STARCyril A. Pryke Pty LtdAusBakelite file handle, also reddish acrlic
STATIONERY ENTERPRISESStationery EnterprisesNSWInk marking pen - refillable aluminium pen with screw on aluminium cap
STERLINGJohn Perry Pty LtdAusHammer handle - hickory
STERLINGSterling Steel Products Pty LtdNSWKitchen, shoemakers knife
STERLINGTurner Industries LtdVicTapes - measuring
STEWARTG.E.Stewart Pty LtdNSWSpiral ratchet screwdrivers, coping saw, spiral ratchet No 100
STEWARTAlfred Stewart Pty LtdVicTap Wrenches, drill and tap stands, socket spanners
STEWART HANDYWORKERCooper EngineeringNSWCombination multiple vices, anvil, grinder etc
STOCKBRANDSLithgow Small Arms FactoryNSWAnimal ear punches
STOKESStokes & Sons Pty LtdVicMetal name stamps
STRATTONE.Stratton & SonsSATongs
STRIPITElectric paint stripper
SULCOSulco PtyLtdNSWCorner clamp (any angle up to 180 degs)
SUNSHINEH. V. McKayVic1943 wirecutters D^D, motor wrench D^D
SUNSHINEJohn H BrownBuilder's Plumb Bob Stand
SUNSHINEMassey HarrisVicSpanners and "F" wrenches, folding military wire cutters, elecrician / general pliers few sizes
SUNSHINEMassey Harris FergusonVicSpanners for tractors
SUNSHINEMassey-Ferguson (Australia) LimitedVicWrenches, spanners, knife & tool Sharpeners, hand tools
SUNSHINEMassey-Ferguson (Australia)LimitedVicWrenches, spanners, knife & tool sharpeners, hand tools, General purpose pliers
SUPER METRO PRODUCTSSuper Metro ProductsVicBreast drills, hand drills, drill chucks
SUPER SLASHKruger division of Besser (Qld) LimitedQldHatchet, 380 mm 01-015
SUPERB No 1John Perry Pty LtdAusClaw hammer handle
SUPERCRAFTKnock & Kirby (merchant)NSWFar to many to list, see trade mark detail
SUPER-CUTSupercut Saw & Knife Co Pty LtdVicCircular Saw Bledes
SUPERIORTomlinson Electric & LtdSAElectric soldering iron
SUPERKUTKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWAxes assorted
SURFORMSimmons Aerocessories Pty LtdVicBlock plane, plane, compass, flat file etc
SURGICAL SUPPLIESSurgical Supplies LtdQldCattle ear punch
SUTTONSThe Sutton Tool & Gauge Mfg Co PLVicPer catalogues etc, drills, reamers, etc
SWIFTSURESwiftsure Made in AustraliaAusCold Chisel
SWINERTONAusCommando dagger
T - CUT SUPER SAWE. & F. Stanley Pty LtdNSWHand tools including handsaws, sharpening devices, files, cutting knives and tile scribers
T R & CoThomas Robinson & CoVicFarm Implements, spanners for same
T. T. T logoS. Hoffnung & Company LtdNSWMechanics, builders and garden tools and edged tools
T.E.C.Tool Equipment Co Pty LtdNSWTaps, dies, drills, reamers, slitting saws, milling cutters, measuring
TARCThe Australian Railway CorporationQldSpanners - A Foundry
TARR, BERNIEBernie TarrTasWooden planes - individually made
TASSIE DEVILBarry KettleAusLimited number Racing Axes.
TAYLORNSW(1) Watchmakers lathe (in red cedar box) with collets & other gear, (2) S141 watchmakers lathe
TAYLORAllen Taylor & Co LtdAusSpotted Gum Handles
TECALEMITTecalemitAusGrease Guns, various
TECMAXTool Equipment Co Pty LtdNSWLathe tool bits
TECTATectaAusSchool rule - metric & imp
TECTOOLPatience & Nicholson Pty LtdVic
TELECOMNM.S.Telecomn Products LtdSACrimping Pliers - approx 14" long, 3/16 & 7/32 sizes - - configered small bolt cutters
TEMMAH logoTemmah Products (Aust.) Pty LtdNSW(Cutlery and) Edge tools
TEMPLETemple Engineering Pty LimitedNSWPlane guide, attachments for carpenter's planes & drilling machines, clamps
TERRIERNSWRange o /e spanners
TEXASJohn Perry Pty LtdAusEngineer's hammer handle, American hickory
The Melb Saw Mnfg Co Pty LtdThe Melb Saw Mnfg Co Pty LtdVicCircular saw blades
The Melbourne Saw ManufacturingThe Melbourne Saw Manufg Co P LVicCircular saw blades
THE WINGThe Wing Gauge & Instrument CoVicPrecision Level - 12" very heavy level - 1 3/4" wide - 1 division=0.0005in/10in
THISTLET.S.Nettlefold & Sons Pty LtdVicHand tools and implements, shovels, spades, forks, picks, racks, hoes, etc
THOMAS COOKThomas CookBrass Plumb Bob 8 ounce
THOMSON & TAYLORSchool type wood Protractor ( aprox 20"base)
THREADMASTERPatience & Nicholson Pty LtdVicPlumbers stock and dies
THREADMASTER 2Piper Hand Tool EquipmentNSWPlumbers stock and dies
TIDEENSWInner tube vulcanising clamp
TIGERJohn Farmer LtdSATenon Saw, hand saw + nest of saws?
TIMBERJACKTurner Industries LtdVicSaw chain (for chain saw)
TITANThe Titan Manufacturing Co Pty LtdTasChisels, auger bits, plane blades, plus per catalogues
TOLEDORoe Mardon ?NSWBlack nylon meter 4 fold rule
TOLEDOToledo Steel International AustraliaAusMetal Bow Saw (tree pruning variety)
TOMLINSONTomlinson & CoWAAnvils
TOMLINSONTomlinson Bros & CoSAElectric Soldering Irons
TOMLINSONTomlinson Electric & EngineeringSAElectric Soldering Irons
TOOL EQUIPMENTTool Equipment Co Pty LtdNSWDrills, dies, taps etc
TOOLEXGasweld Pty LtdNSWHand tools and instruments
TOONLim ToonVicChinese furniture - wooden plane maker
TOORAK FILE COMPANYToorak File CompanyVicBradawl
TOPICHoward Harold FoaleNSWHand tools and instruments
TORQUE-TOOLThe Torque Tool Co Pty LtdAusOffset screwdriver
TORTOISEWoodheadQld"Tortoise" type floor clamps
TOUGHF & R ToughWAMajor and Minor braces
TOUGH 2F & R ToughWADie stocks, Hand grinders, Bench & Post drills, Lathes
Townley Drop Forgings MelbTownley Drop ForgingsVicpressed steel spark plug socket
TRADERHORN BITSAWTrader Horn Manufg. Co Pty LtdVicRat tail boring/rasping tool
TRADESMANMetal Equipment Manufacturers Pty LtdNSWClaw hammer 16, 20 & 24 onz, Cross pein hammer 4, 8, 12 & 16 onz, Watchmaker's hammer 2 onz
TRADETIMEAusLeather tool / pouches / belt holders
TraffordAusRegistered Chisel Handles in fitted box, Made in Australia
TREBBLEVicImplement spanner
TRENERRY(on wingnuts) ? maker or just of nutsNo 80 Scraper in brass - bit rough, ? one off.
TRESCOFrazer Trading Pty LtdVicSpotted gum handles
TREWHALLATrewhalla Bros Pty LtdVicBucking wedges, fellers and splitters wedges. Bench gauge
TRIPAXTripax Engineering CompanyVicDowelling jig Var 1 & 2
TROJANTrojan Pty LtdVicGardening tools in this class
TROJANScott & Son Pty LtdVicSlashers, scythes, hatchets, shears, knives, scissors and chisels
TRU DRIVThe Stanley Works Pty LtdTasAll goods this class (8) inc screwdrivers
TRUCUTTrucut Tool ServiceVicHand, keyhole and tenon saws, circular saws
TRUE BLUEBlue Callahan (spelling ?)AusAxes
TRUE CUTAusPipe cutter No 203
TRUE TEMPERCyclone Co of Australia LtdVic
TRUEDGEAusPlane blade honing guide
TRULINEHarvie Morris Propietary LimitedSA12" level, trowels-floats-edgers-etc, hawks and line pins
TRULINET.J.C.& Co SydneyNSW12" wood rule (school type)
TRULINEHaselgrove & Co LtdSABricklayers, plasters, carpenters tools of metal
TRULINENoyes Bros Pty LtdVicDie sets for use in metal stamping, plastic moulding presses and die casting
TRULINECrucible Steel Australia Pty LtdVicDie sets for use in metal stamping, plastic moulding presses and die casting
TRULINEB.Smith & Sons Pty LtdVicWood rules - current maker
TUCKERVic(TT55A) Pop rivetor etc
TUDORDie-cast & Bakerlite MouldersVicDie cast drill stand, line level, "G" clamp
TUDORTudor Engineering Pty LtdNSWDie cast drill stand, small, (red) line level
TUDORToledo Steel International AustraliaAusMetal Bow Saw
TUDORTudor Manufacturing CoNSW
TUDOR BEGOAusNo122 24" diecast alloy 6 vial level
TUDOR RANDALLF.E. & J. RandallVicWood levels
TUFLITETurner Manufacturing CoVicScrewdrivers
TULKAMEvro Tool Co Pty LtdNSWClamps made of metal
TULLOCHTulloch's Phoenix Iron Works LtdNSWShovels and like implements
TURNADRIVTurner Industries LtdVicScrewdrivers, bits and tools
TURNERTurner Manufacturing CompanyVicBench planes, screwdrivers, levels, hacksaws, hammer, etc per cats
TURNER ATKINSTurner - Atkins Saws Pty LtdVicSaw chain sharpening jig, hacksaws, bandsaws, sawchains & multicut blades
TURNER - BOOTHTurner Manufacturing CoVicScrewdriver with screw holder
TURNER LUFKINTurner Industries LtdVicVarious trade mark tape measures
TURTLENSWSteel engineering square, leg 8" X 5/8"
U. E. INDUSTRIESU. E. Industries LtdNSWWrenches
UNAMITQldHeavy duty sash cramps
UNIONUnion Abrasives Pty LtdVicCombination sharpening stone
UNIONSiddons Pty LtdVicHand grinding wheel stone
UNITED ENGINEERINGUnited Engineering and MalleableVic"G" Clamps and concrete forming tools
UTILITYTitan Manufacturing Co Pty LtdTasChisels - woodworking - cheaper version
UTILITYKeech Castings Pty LtdNSWClaw and ballpien hammers
UTILITYTurner Industries LtdVicTapes - measuring
UTOPIANSWSwivel base / jaws Vice
V / RVictorian RailwaysVicSpanners etc
VARINONSWWood levels, wood mallet, wood mitre box,
VAUGHANH.C.Vaughan Products/IndustriesNSWPressed steel block plane
VAUXHALL PRODUCTSVauxhall ProductsNSWImproved hacksaw frame
VERSAMILLTool Equipment Co Pty LtdNSWMills/cutters, sawblades, taps, dies, reamers & other cutting & forming tools
VESPERChris VesperVicGunmetal rebate planes, marking gauges - modern handcrafted tools
VIC. FILE Co.Vic. File Co.VicBootmaker's awl handle
VICTAAusMower wrench - diecast
VICTORAustralian Gypsum LtdVicClaw hammers, floor lifters and many tools being hand tools for use by plasterers (B242,849 class 8)
VICTORIAN DIE MOULDERSVictorian Die Moulders Pty LtdVicPliers (lead sealing pliers)
VICTORYVictoryAusRazor hone
VIKINGP.J.K. (Vicking)AusAluminium line level
VILLIERSAusSpanners for equipment, Plug spanner - E 7402 - made by or for
VRCAusAsparagus cutter with handle of ramin
W & BWarren and Brown Pty LtdVicBrake/clutch lining drill, parallel reamer…Automotive tools, hones, mic's
W & GWhite & GillespieVicScale rules, slide rules, navigational thingo
W.H.LWilliam Hunt Level Pty LimitedNSWNo 160 level "sights"
WAHCOWahcoVic1" hollow auger (parallel side)
WALKERWalker ProductsVicPlastering float
WALLABYTrewhalla Bros Pty LtdVicLifting Jacks, single and double purchase
WARATAHRylands Brothers (Australia) Pty LtdVicHand tools and instruments
WARDWard BrosVicChip carving knife
WATERFORDAusSet of 6 tube spanners, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 3/4 SAE, all 2" long
WATKINSONHerbert Edward WatkinsonTasAdjustable spokeshave plane
WATSONW.Watson & SonsVic6" Brass parallel-roller rule, brass protractor
WATT TOOLSJames Watt ToolsVicNail punch, set pin punches in box
WATTWELLE.W.WattellSA3" Machine Vice
WATTYLAusPaint tin opener
WAYA.G.Way & Co Pty LtdVicSoldering Irons
WEBBCO logoGeorge Webb Last Co Pty LtdVicLasts for the manufacture of shoes and boots
WEHNER,Jos. Wehner & Co.QldHollow moulding planes
WEISNERT.F.WiesnerNSWParallel/roller rule
WELDMASTERDixbro LtdSAWelders wire brush
WELDON logoW.H.Wells Pty LtdVicHand tools and instruments, dressers - emery wheel
WELLING & CROSSLEYBrick making machine
WELLSFrank Wells Pty LtdVicDressers - emery wheel
WESCOWescott Hazell & Co LimitedNSWHand tools and instruments
WESCOR.J.Jeffries Pty LtdNSWOil can
WESTEELSWesteels Industries LtdNSWHand tools and instruments
WESTERN AUSTRALIANWestern Australian Brushware Co LtdWAWire Brushes
WHALETurner Industries LtdVicTape Measures
WHISTLEWOODNSWSliding bevel, dividers, marking gauge, angle dividers
WHITE & GILLESPIEWhite & Gillespie Pty LtdVicRAAF Ident No G6B / 145 Navigational thingo Drawing Instuments
WHITTINGSLOWEWhittingslowe Engineering LimitedSABlock plane, machette, razor blade paint scraper, penknives, range of kitchen gadgets - many Pats
WIBROCWibroc Mfg CoNSWFlaring tools - for copper tube, Plotter field Mk IV (artillary ranging device)?
WICKPENInstant Industries P/L MelbourneVicMetal cased felt tip marking pen
WILESWiles Mfg Co LtdSAPlumbers footprints 9" & 12"
WILKINSONWilkinson & Co LtdSA9" Drawknife
WILLIAM HUNT LEVELWilliam Hunt Level Pty LtdNSWWood levels - large range sizes, extruded alloy levels, line level in box, clamp on sights
WILLIAMSCyclone Forgings Pty LtdVic8" adjustable spanner with locking device
WILLIAMSWilliamsVicShoemakers - sole stamp - small size
Williams & CoWilliams & CoAusEntrenching mattock, dated 1916
WILLISW. Willis & CoVicEar Marking Pliers (clover leaf + other patterns), name stamps
WILLIS 1W. Willis & CoVicEar marking pliers, name stamps
WILLIS 2Willis Industrial Supplies Pty LtdVic"Standard" levelling instument
WILMOAusCastrator also marked Monsanto
WILTSHIREWiltshire File Company Pty LtdVicFiles, rasps
WINDMILLCameron MillerVicInfill planes, gauges etc etc
WINDSORWindsor Machine Co LtdAusFiles, filing guides, sharpeners, grinders, etc File - all metal handled
WINGWing Gauge & Instrument CoVicTool, die & gauge designers & manufacturers
WISLEYThe Wisley CompanyNSWWood levels, rules, glaziers laths, tailors & T squares, scales,
Wm HUNT LEVEL WHLWilliam Hunt Level Pty LtdNSWWood & aluminum levels, aluminium line level, clamp on sights, brickies plumb
WOLFEH.S.G.WolfeNSWMachine vices
WOLSELEYAusScrewdriver - palm shearing plant
WOODC.Wood MakerNSWWood-complex moulding plane, redgum-wood spar plane
WOODHEADWoodheadQldFloor cramps, "tortoise" type floor clamps
WOODLANDWoodland Woodworks Pty LtdQldPlasters floats, mitre box
WOODLANDDureau Tool ProductsAusWood mitre box, wood concretors float
WOODSTOCKWoodstock ProductsVicBlockplanes, routers, spokeshaves
WOODWAREWaratah IndustriesAusWood mitre box
WOOLLEYT & M WoolleyNSWFillister, hand rail, matching, torus bead wood planes
WOOMERAW & GVicNo 9412W - white and yellow versions rules
WOONLouey WoonVicWooden planes - chinese style
WUNDACUTWiltshire File Company Pty LtdVicFile
WUNDERGRINDNSWPlane iron and chisel sharpener - aluminium oilstone box
WYLDReliance Brush Works (H.J.Wyld)NSWBrushes
WYLIEW.H.Wylie & CoSALoc - Jaw wrenches, ratchet braces
YELLOW EDGEEngineers & Sawmill Supply CoQldWood turning chisels and gouges
ZENFORDZenford Pty LtdVicEngineering tools milling arbours, quick change tools, flatted shank tools, steel parallels
ZEVJohn Zevenbroom & Co Pty LtdVicBrush and broom maker
ZEVENBROOMJohn Zevenbroom & CoVicWire Brushes
ZIEGLERZenford Pty LtdVicEngineering tools
ZIEGLERJohannes ZieglerVicWrench (similar to Raglan)
ZIRCALLOYC of A - Department of MunitionsVicSpanners, wrenches, o/e and ring spanners
ZZ ATKIN (Merchant)NSWShipwrights adzes and chisels (all made in England)

Next Antique & Collectable Hand Tool Market

The next Antique & Collectable Hand Tool Market is on Sunday 27th October 2024 9.00 am to 12.30 pm at St. Anthony's Parish Hall, 164 Neerim Rd, Corner Neerim & Grange Rds, Caulfield East, Melway Ref. 68 F4. For more information see the Tool Market page.