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Subject: T & M Wooley - Planemaker or Merchant

Description: Detail sought
Vol: 10Year: 1998Month: February
Category: Plane   Topic: T & M Wooley

Subject: Tailors Measures.Rules & Squares

Description: A detailed explanation
Author: Frank Ham
Vol: 10Year: 1998Month: February
Category: Rule   Topic: Boxwood

Subject: Tale of an old Smoothie

Description: Chasing the name "J Fly"
Author: Tony Derrett
Vol: 1Year: 1989Month: August
Category: Collecting   Topic: J Fly

Subject: Tannic Acid Production

Description: The rust conservation medium of choice..
Author: Gabe Bognar
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: February
Category: Skills   Topic: Rust

Subject: Tape Measures for Forestry Workers

Description: An explanation of Diameter Tapes
Vol: 16Year: 2004Month: November
Category: Mabo   Topic: Tape Measures

Subject: Tape Rules or Measuring Tapes

Description: A brief History of Retractable Rules
Author: Graeme Plaw
Vol: 17Year: 2005Month: August
Category: Measuring   Topic: Tape Rules

Subject: Tasmanian Patented Woodworking Plane Sighted.

Description: Launceston Plane found in a Hobart Garage
Author: Trevor Semmens
Vol: 16Year: 2004Month: May
Category: Plane   Topic: Watkinson

Subject: Ten Possible Answers for Tool Collectors

Description: Questions answered.
Author: Cutter/Turner
Vol: 18Year: 2006Month: May
Category: Questions   Topic:

Subject: Ten Questions for Tool Collectors

Description: Questions posed?
Author: Cutter/Turner
Vol: 18Year: 2006Month: May
Category: Answers   Topic:

Subject: The "Stanley Titan" Cane Knife

Description: Cane Knife history
Author: Graeme Plaw
Vol: 15Year: 2003Month: February
Category: Knife   Topic: Stanley

Subject: The 'Awls-crew' - A Combination Hand Tool

Author: Laurie Lewis (m)
Vol: 24Year: 2012Month: May
Category: Tools   Topic: Combination

Subject: The Aborigal Stone Axe

Description: A brief history
Author: Gabe Bognar
Vol: 8Year: 1996Month: February
Category: Aboriginal   Topic: Axe

Subject: The Adoption of Metal Tools by the Aboriginal People of New South Wales as a Help to Obtaining their Daily Food

Author: James Donaldson (m)
Vol: 27Year: 2015Month: November
Category: Aboriginal   Topic: Metal Tools

Subject: The Adze

Description: Uses & Design
Author: Alan West
Vol: 1Year: 1989Month: October
Category: Axe   Topic: Adze

Subject: The Age of the World's Oldest Timber Construction is determined

Author: report by Warren Hewertson
Vol: 25Year: 2013Month: November
Category: History   Topic: Neolithic Woodworking

Subject: The Agricultural Adze - A Cautionery Tale.

Description: Restoration Detail
Author: Alan West
Vol: 10Year: 1998Month: May
Category: Adze   Topic: History

Subject: The Appeal of Old Tools

Description: Grandfathers old Tools
Author: Scott Gibson
Vol: 10Year: 1998Month: February
Category: History   Topic: Elbert

Subject: The Art of Blacksmithing

Description: A book reviewed
Author: Alex W Bealer
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: August
Category: Book   Topic: Blacksmithing

Subject: The Art of Brickmaking - Some Historical Perspective

Description: A background Summary
Author: Nigel Lampert
Vol: 4Year: 1992Month: April
Category: Bricklaying   Topic: Bricks

Subject: The Art of Fine tools

Description: A book reviewed
Author: Ian Stagg
Vol: 17Year: 2005Month: August
Category: Review   Topic: Book

Subject: The Art of the Joyner

Description: Joints & Joinery detailed
Author: Nigel Lampert
Vol: 6Year: 1994Month: February
Category: Carpentry   Topic: Joyner

Subject: The Australian Hytest Racing Axe

Description: Development & Background of the Company
Author: Val Quanchi
Vol: 4Year: 1992Month: June
Category: Axe   Topic: Hytest

Subject: The Australian Mosaic Tile co

Description: An Australian Tile maker
Author: Nigel Lampert
Vol: 3Year: 1991Month: April
Category: Tiling   Topic: Mosaic

Subject: The Axe & Man

Description: A book reviewed
Author: Charles a Heavrin
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: August
Category: Book   Topic: Axe

Page 1 of 11 Results 1 - 24 of 257

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