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Subject: Maintenance of Sheep Shearing equipment

Description: Hand Tools used
Author: Jim Donaldson
Vol: 14Year: 2002Month: May
Category: Shear   Topic: Sheep

Subject: Makeshifts

Description: A 1925 publication reviewed
Author: Laurie Lewis
Vol: 18Year: 2006Month: May
Category: Kerosine   Topic:

Subject: Making an English Coach - Part 2

Description: Part 2
Author: Jim Badger
Vol: 12Year: 2000Month: May
Category: Coach   Topic: History

Subject: Making Jewellery an Art or Craft?

Description: Tools & Processes
Author: Peter McBride
Vol: 14Year: 2002Month: November
Category: Skills   Topic: Jewellery

Subject: Making Musical Instruments - A disappearing Craft.

Description: Talk to the Monthly Meeting
Author: Johnn C Dale
Vol: 10Year: 1998Month: August
Category: Musical   Topic: Instruments

Subject: Making Saws in Marvellous Melbourne

Description: W H Blakeley Saws history
Author: John A Leckey
Vol: 14Year: 2002Month: May
Category: Saws   Topic: Blakeley

Subject: Making the Right Choice"On the Ball" Collector

Description: A personal reflection
Author: Jim Donaldson
Vol: 15Year: 2003Month: August
Category: Collecting   Topic:

Subject: Making Traditional wooden Planes

Description: Unidentified reviewer
Author: John M Whelan
Vol: 9Year: 1997Month: February
Category: Book   Topic: Wooden Planes

Subject: Malleable Iron

Description: Tools made of Malleable Iron
Author: Doug McIvor
Vol: 17Year: 2005Month: November
Category: Tools   Topic: Malleable Iron

Subject: Man & His Tools - A Force for Change

Description: Tools place in History (inc Insert)
Author: Watson Cutter
Vol: 1Year: 1989Month: June
Category: History   Topic: Tools

Subject: Manufactured & Patented Spokeshaves & Other Tools

Description: A book reviewed
Author: Thomas C Lamond
Vol: 11Year: 1999Month: November
Category: Book   Topic: Spokeshaves

Subject: Manufacturing Stanley Tools in Australia 1963-2001

Description: Conference Presentation March 2004
Author: Graeme Plaw
Vol: 16Year: 2004Month: May
Category: History   Topic: Stanley Tools

Subject: Marking Guages - A Means of Achieving Woodworking Precision

Description: Talk to the HTPAA Conference
Author: Watson Cutter
Vol: 10Year: 1998Month: August
Category: Gauges   Topic: Marking

Subject: McPherson's - From Pig Iron to Machine Tools

Description: A Company History.
Vol: 7Year: 1995Month: August
Category: History   Topic: McPherson's

Subject: Meanderings of an Australian Tool Buff - UK Visit

Description: A tour explained
Author: Frank Ham
Vol: 7Year: 1995Month: November
Category: History   Topic: England

Subject: Measurement of Barrels & Estimation of Capacity

Description: A detailed explanation
Author: Frank Ham
Vol: 8Year: 1996Month: May
Category: Rule   Topic: Coopering

Subject: Measuring chains Part 1

Description: A detailed report
Author: Ken Turner
Vol: 13Year: 2001Month: May
Category: Measure   Topic: Chains

Subject: Measuring chains Part 2

Description: Survey Chains History
Author: Ken Turner
Vol: 13Year: 2001Month: November
Category: Measure   Topic: Chains

Subject: Mechanical Calculating Machines

Description: Types & Values explained
Author: Terry Berreen
Vol: 14Year: 2002Month: November
Category: Calculating   Topic: Mechanical

Subject: Mechanical Ice Cream Scoops Revisited

Author: Warren Hewertson (m)
Vol: 27Year: 2015Month: November
Category: Scoop   Topic: Ice Cream

Subject: Mechanical Movement

Description: Mangle Wheel
Vol: 1Year: 1989Month: June
Category: Wheel   Topic: Mangle Wheel

Subject: Mechanical Movement

Description: Harrisons "going - barrell"
Vol: 1Year: 1989Month: October
Category: Wheel   Topic: Going Barrel

Subject: Mechanics Institutes

Description: History & Influence
Author: Frank Ham
Vol: 13Year: 2001Month: August
Category: History   Topic: Mechanics Inst

Subject: Mediaeval Craftsmen,Tradesmen & Other Workers

Description: A starter listing for discussion
Author: Watson Cutter
Vol: 4Year: 1992Month: April
Category: Trades   Topic: Craftsmen

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