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Herbert Edward Watkinson Patented Woodworking Planes

These are a rare Australian-made plane. Only 4 examples are known to exist. If you have information about another, please contact us.

The Association thanks members and friends who have allowed the use of these images for this webpage.

Regarding the images - plane 1 and 2 are black, plane 3 is green. Plane 3 has patent info in the casting, so is considered a production model, compared to the black ones which were probably prototypes.

Patent information for Watkinson covers the two related to a smoothing plane and another to a large adjustable spokeshave-like plane. Examples of the smoother with front adjusters and the spokeshave have not been sighted. The original patent applications can be viewed:

Further information on Watkinson and his planes can be found at www.handplane.com/169/the-watkinson-patent-plane/. This excellent article notes in finishing that "Mr. Watkinson's sister stated, in October 1988, that the three inventions by Mr. Watkinson were never commercially manufactured." - this would explain the scarcity of these tools.




Pioneer Tool Auction

Under instructions from HTPAA member Ian Lester, his entire collection is being offered for Unreserved Sale
Sunday 7th May at 10am (viewing from 8am)
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The next Tool Sale is on Sunday 9th July 2017 9.00 am to 12.30 pm at  St. Anthony's School Hall (corner Neerim & Grange Rds) Carnegie
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